H.S Exam (WBCHSE) 2013 English Suggestion prepared by TwoTeachers

English Suggestion
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  1. How did Rajam impress the whole class on the very first day?
  2. What was Swaminathan’s reaction when Rajam and Mani decided not to fight and be friends?
  3. “River Sarayu was the pride of Malgudi” – What evidence does R.K Narayan give us to show that the people of Malgudi took pride in River Sarayu?
  4. Describe how Rajam and Mani became friends.
  5. Character of Rajam and Mani.
  6. Who is Swaminathan? Describe relation between Mani and Swaminathan.
  7. “Swaminathan broke into loud protestations” – What were his protestation? What did Mani do hearing Swaminathan’s loud protestation?


  1. Why did the teacher punish Swaminathan? What punishment did Swaminathan get and how did he feel about it?
  2. “This Rajam was a rival to Mani” – Explain. Or, Why did Mani decide to kill Rajam?
  3. What made Mani decide not to kill Rajam?
  4. “This pleased Mani greatly” – What pleased Mani greatly?
  5. “Swaminathan gasped in astonishment” Why did Swaminathan gasp in astonishment?
  6. “You are a nasty little coward”—Who is the speaker? Who is you? Why is he called ‘a nasty little coward’
  7. “Further progress was stopped”—What was the ‘progress’? Why it stooped and what was happened thereafter?
  8. Extra——Swaminathan expressed a slight fear”—Why and how did Swaminathan express fear?
  9. Extra——There were vague rumours” – Why were there such vague rumours about Rajam?
  10. Extra——There were an awful lot” – Who was the speaker? What feeling of the speaker is evident here?



  1. “In old days of, say, twenty years ago, when a man got sick he went to a doctor” – How did the doctor in the old days treat a patient?
  2. “The patient’s face fell a little at the abrupt firm announcement” – what was the announcement and who made it? Why did the patient’s face fell a little?
  3. What was Dr. Follicle’s advice to the patient regarding shampoo?


  1. “I think, he said, there is no doubt about your trouble. You need a shave” – How did Follicle find out that his patient needed a shave?
  2. What advice did the hierologist give the patient about a shampoo and work around the ears?



MARKS-5 &3


  1. Why is Nature compared to a fond mother?
  2. Comment on the title of Longfellow’s Nature.
  3. “Which, though more splendid, may not please him more” – What is referred to which? Why may it not please him more?
  4. Why does the child in this poem go to bed half willing and half reluctant?
  5. “Being too full of sleep to understand” – Who says this and about whom? What does the person referred to fail to understand?
  6. “Scarce knowing if we wish to wish to go or stay” – What does the poet mean here?
  7. “So Nature deals with us and take ….by one” – Why does Nature take away our playthings?
  8. What are the unknown and what we know? / What does we wish when Nature take us to unknown world for sleep?
  9. “……and by the hand leads us to rest so gently”






  1. Give a brief description of Ramsaran’s school.
  2. Why does the crossing of the river ‘always pleasure to Corbett’?
  3. How did Corbett describe the Christmas day celebration and Mokameh Ghatt?
  4. How did Corbett and his team overcome the strenuous job at Mokameh Ghatt?
  5. Extra—Character of Jim Corbett.


  1. “With me was a young man from England”
  2. “My tan hid my blush”
  3. “Caste Prejudices ….. first snag”
  4. How did Corbett describe the cotton treasurer?
  5. What does the author say about the Lamas?
  6. What were the pilgrims from Benares caring and how?
  7. Who was honour ed with the title of Ray-Sahib and why?
  8. Why were three Brahmins caring holly water from the right bank of the Ganges?




  1.     Title
  2.     O, What made fatuous sun beams toil”
  3.     “Move him into the sun”
  4.     What role does the sun play in the poem?
  5.     “Was it for this the clay grey tall”
  6.     How does the poet present dead soldier in this poem?


  1.     “The kind old sun will know”
  2.     “Gently its touch awakes him once….”
  3.     “Are limbs so dear achieve”
  4.     “To break Earth’s sleep at all”
  5.     “Whispering of field unseen”
  6.     “Think how it woke the seeds”
  7.     From which country did the soldier came? And why did he die? What references are there in the poem that indicated his social background?
  8.     Is Futility is a sonnet?





  1.     The Moon arose up in the murky east.”
  2.     “Wondering companionless…..”
  3.     “An aver changing.
  4.     “And like a dying lady lean and pale””
  5.     “”Art thou pale for weariness”


  1.     Why it and shapeless mass?
  2.     “Out of her chamber….brain”
  3.     To what is the Moon compared in the first section of Shelley’s poem.
  4.     “Who totters forth…..”





  1.     Describe how life in prison turned the convict into a “wild beast”
  2.     Salt-cellars episode.
  3.     Describe the life of the convict lived after his escape from the prison.
  4.     “Always remember my son …..Living God.”
  5.     My punishment is just ….very hard.”— Bring out the sense of the expression and the speaker’s nature? Why does the speaker think that he is justly punished and why does the punishment seem so hard?
  6.     Extra—–How does Persome act as a foil to the Bishop? / Show hoe the Bishop’s character is different from the character of Persome?
  7.     Extra—–“But somehow I –I know you’re good….”What made the convict realize that the Bishop was a good man?
  8.     Extra—–“Ah you are good sister ….. But I don’t want to sell them” – Who is the speaker and to whom? What are referred to as them? Why does not the speaker want to sell them?
  9.     Extra—–“It is hopeless …… we shall have nothing left” – Why does the speaker say so?



  •     Multiple Choice          1 x 7 = 7
  •     Short Question            2 x 4 = 8
  •     Rearrange                    5




  1.     Rewrite as directed.
  2.     Change the Voice/ split
  3.     Change the Indirect Speech
  4.     Change sentence – simple/complex/single
  5.     Use the verb/adjective/noun form.
  6.     Change into interrogative/negative
  7.     Articles & Preposition 3
  8.    Wh-Words 1 x 2 = 2


Summary Or, Report

  1.     Health check up Camp.
  2.     A Debate Competition.
  3.     Tree-plantation Programme.
  4.     An educational Tour.
  5.     A Magic Show.
  6.     A bank-robbery.
  7.     The Devastating Flood / Cyclone.

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Eng.Hons & M.A.(1st Class), PGDCA.



Eng.Hons & M.A.(1st Class), Nutrition Diploma.