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You don’t need to be a genius to clear the OJEE- just proper time management, hard work along with usage of the right books and other resources could fetch you a good rank. Let me elaborate on a few points of importance, based on my experiences:

This is the most important thing. Ideally you must start off just after your 10th std. You could join a good coaching institute- but that’s a personal decision. If you think you can manage your time between school, the coaching and self study, then its a good choice. Else, you’ll be wasting your time completely- leaving you stressed out and no time for self study.

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Once you start, you must build up the amount of time you devote to studies. As you move along, you will realise that you’ll need to cut short on extra curriculars and stick to your books. I know its difficult, but sheer desire of getting a good rank should pull you through each day. After all, you have the rest of your life to chill out after these two years!!


There are numerous books and guides in the market- it could all become a bit too overwhelming. I would suggest you master the basic 11th-12th std texts prescribed to you in school before going for other books. You could think of reading Halliday resnick for Physics, and SL Loney for Math as well. Once you know the basics, you can tackle any problem.

Most importantly, maintain a high level of confidence. After all, writing the JEE is all in the head. Anyone that has mastered the basics well and remains single minded can achieve their goal. I’m sure you will too!

Collect some model paper/sample paper for Orissa-JEE 2013 exam.

Click on the link to download orissa jee 2011 & 2012 papers

5 months before the OJEE should be a time for intense study. Don’t let any distractions bother you. I would suggest doing all MCQ’s from the 3 MCQ books, and solving problems from books like Arihant, Irodov, Piskunov,etc.


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