Editorial letter- High Price Rise

Write a letter to the editor of an English daily expressing your views on ‘High Price Rise’ [H.S- 1993, 2010]

The Editor,
The Telegraph
Kolkata- 700001


I would like to request you to allow me a little space of your highly esteemed daily so that I may ventilate the grievance of the general people regarding the soaring price of essential commodities.
The price of all essential gods has at present rising up very much to the distress of th people. The price of rice, dal, oils, spices, sugar, vegetables and even medicines has gone beyond the reach of middle class family. Your newspaper is no exception on it. The trend of increment is today disproportionate to the income of the common run of people. Very much naturally, the poor people and the daily wage earners who live from hand to mouth are the worst affected. We find no valid reason why this should be so.
We as such think that Government should take immediate steps to save the helpless people from the curl hands of the dishonest businessmen and hoarders to bring down the price rate to a reasonable point.
Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
Anupam Roy.