Careers in Criminology --- Job Prospects and Colleges

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Criminology: Inside the Criminal Mind

In today’s world, crime and deviant behavior rank at or near the top of many people’s concerns. In this course, student will study the field of Criminology – the study of crime. We will look at possible explanations for crime from the standpoint of psychological, biological and sociological perspectives, explore the categories and social consequences of crime, and investigate how the criminal justice system handles not only criminals, but also their misdeeds. Why do some individuals commit crimes why others do not?  What aspects in our culture and society promote crime and deviance? Why are different punishments given for the same crime? What factors…from arrest to punishment…help shape the criminal case process?

Image removed.Criminology as a field of study examines the existence of crime from cause to consequence. Criminology is a vast interdisciplinary field that draws upon research in sociology, psychology, anthropology and law to form theories of why crime occurs while scrutinizing the social response to it. Delving further, criminology is broken into several schools of thought, each of which scrutinizes the criminal mind and behavior from a unique perspective. Through its expert grasp of the causes of criminal behavior, criminological thought and theory is also utilized by the criminal justice system.

Renowned colleges and universities offer undergraduate (B.A/B.Sc.) and Post Graduate (M.A/M.Sc.) courses in Criminology.
Eligibility: For admission to BA/B.Sc, 10+2 or equivalent course (in arts or science streams, depending on the course pursued).
For M.Sc, one has to be a graduate with science or arts subjects.


List of Institutes


Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science



Punjab University



Tata Institute of Social Science



University of Madras



Utkal University



University of Jammu

Jammu Tawi


University of Lucknow



University of Pune Ganeshkind




চাকরির বাজার
Government law enforcement agencies are the major employers. Criminologists can find jobs as probation officers, jailors, social welfare officers, counsellors etc. Crime detection and investigation agencies such as CBI and IB too could recruit criminologists.


Self-employment as private detectives is another option. In the private sector, insurance companies and large corporates too hire criminologists.


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