WBUT Question Paper For BTTM 2nd year Student FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT (CS/BTTM/SEM-4/TTM-405/2011) Question paper




Time Allotted : 3 Hours                                           Full Marks : 70

The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words

as far as practicable.


( Multiple Choice Type Questions )

1. Choose the correct alternatives for any ten of the

following : 10 × 1 = 10

i) Which of the following is not an objective of financial

management ?

a) Value maximization

b) Profit maximization

c) Ensure adequate liquidity

d) Avoiding tax unethically.

ii) Which of the following techniques ignores time value of

money ?

a) NPV b) IRR

c) Profitability index d) ARR.

iii) Routine matters of finance are looked after by

a) Treasurer

b) Controller of finance

c) Accountant

d) Finance executive.

iv) Debentures are

a) Equity instrument