WBUT Question Paper For BTTM 1st year Student TOURISM PRINCIPLES & PRACTICES (CS/BTTM/SEM-1/TTM-101/2012-13) Question paper




Time Allotted : 3 Hours                                              Full Marks : 70

The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words

as far as practicable.


( Multiple Choice Type Questions )

1. Choose the correct alternatives for any ten of the following :

10X1 = 10

i) A document issued by a government entitling a citizen

to travel abroad

a) Green card b) Visa

c) Passport d) Permit card.

ii) A trip which starts from origin & cover some places but

did not touch a destination twise and back to the same

origin is called

a) Circle trip b) Direct flight

c) Open jaw d) ARNK segment.

iii) An excursionist is one who stays at a destination for not

more than

a) 24 hrs b) 48 hrs

c) 72 hrs d) none of these.

iv) Which of the following is an example which can affect

the movement of tourist in a destination ?

a) Outbreaks of disease

b) Currency devaluation