WBUT 2012 SOFTWARE ENGINEERING [CS-701] Question Paper





Time Allotted : 3 Hours                                    Full Marks : 70

The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words

as far as practicable.


(Multiple Choice Type Question)

1.       Choose the correct alternatives for the following:          10 x 1 = 10

          i)        Tracking the correspondence between the design                             component and the SRS is known as

                   a)       Availability                     b)       Traceability

                   c)       Maintainability              d)       Reliability

          ii)       When the two bubbles are interconnected directly, it is                    referred as

                   a)       Serial DFD                     b)       Direct DFD

                   c)       Synchronous                 d)       Balanced DFD

          iii)      DFD balancing means

                   a)       Balancing of weight of processes

                    b)       Must match the total number of bubbles

                   c)       Must match the data flow at the next level of DFD

                   d)       none of these.

          iv)      System Testing performed by a friendly set of customers is               called

                   a)       Alpha Testing                 b)       Beta Testing

                   c)       Performance Testing       d)       Usability Testing