WBCS Exam Main Compulsory Question Paper IV-2015 [General Studies-II]

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WBCS Exam Main Compulsory Question Paper IV - 2015 [General Studies - II]

1.  The following term is not involved in air pollution.

     (A) SMOG        (B) MMD        (C) DO        (D) VC

2.  Mufflers are commonly used to prevent the

     (A) Radiation pollution       (B) Noise pollution        (C) Air pollution       (D) Thermal pollution

3.  Physiological disorder may occur when the noise level reaches

     (A) 110 db        (B) 120 db        (C) 135 db       (D) 145 db

4.  PAN formation does not include

     (A) Nitrogen        (B) Ozone        (C) Hydrogen        (D) Hydrocarbon

5.  The deficiency of cobalt causes the deficiency of

     (A) Vitamin B2         (B) Vitamin B6       (C) Vitamin B12        (D) Vitamin C

6.  Lead blocks the biosynthesis of

     (A) Muscle protein        (B) Myaglobin          (C) Haemoglobin         (D) Ossein

7.  The global warming potential of CO2 is

     (A) 1        (B) 2       (C) 3       (D) 4

8.  Zoo conservation data is kept by

     (A) ICBN         (B) ICZN        (C) WZCS       (D) ICTV

9.  Marsh crocodile conservation in Sundarbans is located in

     (A) Sajnekhali        (B) Sudhanyakhali        (C) Kalash Island        (D) Bhagabatpur

10.  Tiger conservation project in India was introduced from

       (A) 1953        (B) 1963        (C) 1973        (D) 1983

11.  Single cell animals reproduce by

       (A) Fission        (B) Fusion        (C) Budding        (D) Regeneration

12.  The basic unit of life is

       (A) Nucleic acid        (B) Protein        (C) Gene       (D) Lipoprotein

13.  Which of the following is natural polymer ?

       (A) Terylene       (B) Orion       (C) Starch       (D) Dacron

14.  The amino acids are basis units of

       (A) Lipids       (B) Hormones         (C) Proteins       (D) Vitamins

15.  Marsh gas is

       (A) Methane        (B) Ethane         (C) Ethylene         (D) None of the above

16.  In the metallurgy of iron, the material obtained from bottom of the blast furnace is

       (A) Slag        (B) Pig iron         (C) Cast iron         (D) Wrought iron

17.  The main ore of aluminium is

       (A) Bauxite        (B) Alumina        (C) Potash-alum        (D) Cryolite

18.  Which one is the unit of radio activity ?

       (A) Curie        (B) Tasla         (C) Henry        (D) Uranium

19.  When a lead storage cell is charged

       (A) Sulphuric Acid is consumed          (B) Sulphuric Acid is formed

       (C) Lead sulphate is formed          (D) Lead is consumed

20.  The temperature above which a real gas cannot be liquified is known as

       (A) Critical temperature         (B) Boyle temperature 

       (C) Inversion temperature      (D) None of the above

21.  Human body's main organ of balance is located in

       (A) Inner part of ear        (B) Spine         (C) Brain (front part)        (D) Pituitary gland

22.  Chemically hormons are

       (A) Amino Acids       (B) Fatty Acids        (C) Proteins         (D) Steroids

23.  Blood pressure is under control of

       (A) Adrenal         (B) Pituitary        (C) Thyroid        (D) Aldosterone

24.  Animal with a single nostril is

       (A) Whale        (B) Tortoise         (C) Python        (D) Shark

25.  In proportion of the size of the body which birds lay largest sized eggs.

       (A) Ostrich         (B) Tinamons        (C) Vulture         (D) Kiwi

26.  The protected bird of India is

       (A) Monal         (B) Dove         (C) Great Indian Bustard        (D) Crane

27.  Study of bird's nest is

       (A) Ornithology         (B) Nidology        (C) Phenology       (D) Ecology

28.  Salmon fishes are also called

       (A) Bony fishes         (B) Trout         (C) Cod         (D) Star fish

29.  Malarial parasite could best be obtained from a patient

       (A) One hour before rise of temperature          (B) In state of shivering

       (C) When temperature comes normal          (D) 4 hours after the temperature reaches normal

30.  Malignant malaria is caused by

       (A) Plasmodium ovale       (B) Plasmodium falciparum       (C) Plasmodium vivax     (D) Plasmodium malarie

31.  The oldest animal conserved in India is

       (A) Tiger        (B) Lion        (C) Elephant       (D) Black Bear

32.  Flowing water ecosystem is also called

       (A) Pelagic        (H) Estuarine         (C) Lotic         (D) Lentic

33.  The parent rock from which soil is formed is also referred to as

       (A) A horizon        (B) B horizon         (C) C horizon        (D) R horizon

34.  Competitive exclusion principle was also denoted by

       (A) Darwin          (B) Gause          C)  Odum        (D) Wallace

35.  The deepest point on the Earth's crust is located in

       (A) Arctic ocean          (B) Atlantic Ocean         (C) Pacific Ocean         (D) Indian Ocean

36.  The origin of the Universe is around

       (A) 12.7 billion years ago (b. y. a)       (B) 13.7 b. y. a       (C) 14.5 b. y. a        (D) 14.7 b. y. a

37.  Life in the Earth started from

       (A) DNA       (B) Polypeptide        (C) RNA       (D) Conjugate protein

38.  The distance of mesosphere from the Earth's surface is approximately

       (A) 30 Km.        (B) 50 Km.        (C) 70 Km.       (D) 90 Km.

39.  The following compound does not react with ozone layer

       (A) CFC         (B) HFC         (C) Ca (Ocl) Cl         (D) CCI4

40.  Arsenic is associated with

       (A) Myeloma          (B) Melanoma          (G) Sarcoma         (D) Glioma

41.  The total energy of a given mass of a gas at a given temperature depends on its

       (A) Presure        (B) Volume         (C) Density        (D) Temperature

42.  A sample of gas expands front volume V1 to V2 . The amount of work done by the gas is greatest when the expansion is

       (A) Adiabatic        (B) Equal in all cases         (C) Isothermal         (D) Isobaric

43.  Blue colour of the sky is due to the phenomenon of

       (A) Scattering        (B) Dispersion        (C) Reflection        (D) Refraction

44.  Electron Volt is the unit of

       (A) Potential difference        (B) Charge        (C) Energy       (D) Power

45.  In a nuclear reactor the chain reaction is controlled by introducing

       (A) Iron rods       (B) Cadmium rods        (C) Graphite rods       (D) Platinum rods

46.  Photo electric emission occurs only when the incident light has more than a certain minimum

       (A) Power        (B) Wave length        (C) Intensity        (D) Frequency

47.  Fluorescent tubes are fitted with a choke. The choke coil

       (A) Steps up the line voltage         (B) Steps down the line voltage

       (C) Reduces the current in the circuit        (D) Chokes low frequency current

48.  A 'back hole' is a body in space which does nol allow any radiation to come out. This property is due to its

       (A) very small size       (B) very large size       (C) very high density       (D) very low size

49.  When water is heated from 0C to 10C . Its volume

       (A) Increases        (B) Decreases        (C) Does not change        (D) First decrease and then increases

50.  If the radius of the Earth were to shrink by one percent, its mass remaining the same, the value of 'g' on the earth's surface would

       (A) Increase by 0.5%        (B) Increase by 2.0%        C) Decrease by 0.5%       (D) Decrease by 2.0%

51.  Diffusion of light in the atmosphere takes place due to

       (A) Dust particles        (B) Carbon dioxide        (C) Helium        (D) Water vapours

52.  A weightless rubber balloon is filled with 200 c.c. of water. Its weight in water is equal to

       (A) 9.8/5 N        (B) 9.8/10 N        (C) 9.8/2 N        (D) Zero

53.  A car is running on a road at a uniform speed of 60 km/h. The net resultant force on the car is

       (A) Driving force in the direction of motion of the car

       (B) Resistance force in the direction opposite to car's motion

       (C) An inclined force        (D) Equal to zero

54.  Which one of the following laser types is used in a laser printer ?

       (A) Dye laser        (B) Gas laser        (C) Semi conductor laser        (D) Excimer laser

55.  Who among the following scientists shared the Nobel prize in Physics with his son ?

       (A) Max Plank       (B) Albert Einstein         (C) William Henry Bragg        (D) Enrico Fermi

56.  Which one of the following reflects back more sunlight as compared to the other three ?

       (A) Sand desert       (B) Paddy crop land        (C) Land covered with fresh snow       (D) Prairie grass land

57.  Rainbow is produced When sunlight falls on drops of rain. The physical phenomena responsible for this are

       (1) Dispersion        (2) Refraction         (3) Internal reflection

       (A) 1 & 2        (B) 2 & 3        (C) 1 & 3        (D) All of the above

58.  The release of which one of the following into ponds and wells helps in controlling the mosquitoes ?

       (A) Crab         (B) Dogfish         (C) Gambusia Fish         (D) Snail

59.  Among the following which one lays eggs and does not produce young ones directly ?

       (A) Echidna         (B) Kangaroo          (C) Porcupine        (D) Whale

60.  Location of a particular gene on sex chromosome or autosomes can be identified by

       (A) Test cross         (B) Out cross        (C) Back cross        (D) Reciprocal cross

61.  The shortest day is

       (A) 22nd December        (B) 15th June        (C) 22nd January       (D) 25th December

62.  Which one of the following planets is popularly known as the morning star ?

       (A) Jupiter        (B) Mars        (C) Venus        (D) Saturn

63.  Sir C.V. Raman was awarded Nobel prize in the year

       (A) 1920        (B) 1925        (C) 1930        (D) 1931

64.  David Bushnell is credited with the creating of

       (A) First submarine        (B) Hover craft        (C) Steam ship        (D) Catamaron

65.  Which one of the following is printed on a commonly used fluorescent tube light ?

       (A) 220K        (B) 273K       (C) 6500K        (D) 9000K

66.  What is the Galileo Project

       (A) An inter country Program of missile shield developed by the U.S.A

       (B) A project developed by India with assistance from Canada

       (C) An environmental protection project being developed by Japan

       (D) A multi satellite navigation project developed by the European Union

67.  Robert Webster is known for his work associated with

       (A) Cardiology       (B) Influenza Virus        (C) HIV / AIDS       (D) Alzheimer

68.  NASA's Deep Impact Space Mission was employed to take detailed pictures of which comet nucleus ?

       (A) Halley's comet        (B) Hale Bopp        (C) Hyakutake        (D) Tempel - I

69.  Which one of the following is a space craft ?

       (A) Apophis         (B) Cassini        (C) Spitzer         (D) Tech sar

70.  An artificial satellite orbiting around the earth does not fall down because the attraction of earth

       (A) does not exist at such distance

       (B) is neutralised by the attraction of the moon

       (C) provides the necessary speed for its steady motion

       (D) provides the necessary accelaration for its motion

71.  Which one among the following is called Philosopher's wool ?

       (A) Zinc Bromide        (B) Zinc Nitrate         (C) Zinc Oxide       (D) Zinc Chloride

72.  Which one of the following does not contain silver ?

       (A) Horn Silver       (B) German Silver        (C) Ruby Silver       (D) Lunar Caustic

73.  Which one of the following is also called a stranger gas ?

       (A) Argon        (B) Neon         (C) Xenon        (D) Nitrous Oxide

74.  Which one of the following is used as an explosive ?

       (A) Phosphorous trichloride       (B) Mercuric Oxide        (C) Graphite        (D) Nitroglycerine

75.  Which one of the following sets of elements was primarily responsible for the origin of life on the Earth ?

       (A) Hydrogen, Oxygen, Sodium          (B) Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen

       (C) Oxygen, Calcium, Phosphorus      (D) Carbon, Hydrogen, Potassium

76.  Human body requires some minerals for contraction of muscles

       (A) Calcium, Potassium        (B) Iron       (C) Calcium, Sodium       (D) Calcium, Sodium and Iron

77.  Acid rain can be caused by the pollution of environment by

       (A) CO2 and N2        (B) CO and CO2          (C)  O3 and CO3       (D) N2O and SO2

78.  A term associated with comparison of processing speed

       (A) MPG        (B) CPS        (C) MIPS        (D) None of the above

79.  India's 'Silicon Valley' is located in

       (A) Kerala        (B) Tamil Nadu         (C) Kernataka        (D) Rajasthan

80.  'LASER Printers' are an example of

       (A) Line printers         (B) Dot-Matrix Printers        (C) Page Printers        (D) None of the above

81.  Encoder is a

       (A) Integrated circuit        (B) Digital circuit        (C)  VLSI         (D) IC chips

82.  D.D.T. was invented by

       (A) Paul Muller        (B) La Mark       (C) Pavlov         (D) Darwin

83.  'Green Accounting' indicates

       (A) level of environmental pollution         (B) Counting of environmental bodies

       (C) level of Greenary in the world          (D) None of the above

84.  Maximum solar energy is used in India in

       (A) Gujarat        (B) Rajasthan          (C) Karnataka        (D) Tamilnadu

85.  Cigarette smoking is harmful for health due to the emission of

       (A) CO2        (B) CO        (C) KMnO4      (D) SO2

86.  Which country will help India to set up Jayitapur Nuclear Power Station

       (A) Russia          (B) France        (C) Germany        (D) Canada

87.  'Kyote Protocol' signed in 1977 was related to

       (A) Reduction of green house gas         (B) Pulse Polio Immunisation Program

       (C) World's Youth Policy         (D) Nuclear disarmament treaty

88.  Which one of the following is a green house gas ?

       (A) SO2         (B) CO2           (C) CFC        (D) All of the above

89.  Saturn is the .......... planet from the sun

       (A) Sixth        (B) Eighth          (C) Fourth        (D) Third

90.  Artesian wells are found in which one of the following rocks ?

       (A) Sedimentary         (B) Metamorphic         (C) Acquifer        (D) Igneous

91.  In vitro fertilisation is a technique that involves transfer of which one of the following into the fallopian tube ?

       (A) Zygote only         (B) Embryo only upto 8 cell stage

       (C) Embryo of 32 cell stage          (D) Either Zygote or early embryo upto 8 cell stage

92.  Which type of cells are involved in allergic response ?

       (A) Basophils        (B) Mast Cell        (C) Fibroblast cell        (D) Both (A) and (B)

93.  All are Oncogenic Virus except :

       (A) HIV       (B)  Varicella Zoster Virus         (C) Influenza Virus         (D) Hepatitis - B

94.  Which of the following is congenital anaemic disorder ?

       (A) Thalassemia        (B) Sickle cell anamia        (C) G-6 PD deficiency       (D) All of the above

95.  Carnalite on electrolysis gives

       (A) Ca & Cl2        (B) Na & CO2       (C) AI &CI2       (D) Mg & Cl2

96.  ISRO Launched its —— th satellite on 27th August, 2015

       (A) 20         (B) 25         (C) 24       (D) 26

97.  Which of the vitamins acts as a free-radical inhabitor in a human body ?

       (A) Vitamin B1       (B) Vitamin C       (C) Vitamin E        (D) Both (B) and (C)

98.  Which of the following enzyme is present in saliva ?

       (A) Pepsin        (B) Trypsin         (G) Ptyalin        (D) Chymotrypsin

99.  Which one is the correct sequence in increasing order of molecular weights of the hydro carbons ?

       (A) Methane, ethane, propane and butane         (B) Propane, butane, ethane and methane

       (C) Butane, ethane, propane and methane         (D) Butane, propane, ethane and methane

100.  Which one of the following is known as RD ?

         (A) Cyanohydrin        (B) Dextran        (C) Cyclohexane        (D) Cyclonite

101.  'Eugenics' is the study of -

         (A) People of European Origin         (B) Genetics of Plants

         (C) Different races of mankind       (D) Altering human beings by changing their genetic components

102.  When was the Treaty of Versailles signed ?

         (A) 28 June 1919       (B) 28 June 1946        (C) 28 June 1939       (D) 28 June 1927

103.  Gravity setting chambers are used in industries to remove ——

         (A) SO2        (B) Suspended particles        (C) NOx       (D) Glass particles

104.  Each year World Red Cross and Red Cresent Day is celebrated on ——

         (A) May 8        (B) May 18       (C) June 8       (D) June 18

105.  Who was the first Indian to be the President of United Nations General Assembly ?

         (A) Smt. Vijay Lakshmi Pandit       (B) Ramesh Bhandari        (C) Natwar Singh       (D) Krishna Menon

106.  The Chairmanship / Presidency of the United Nations Security Council rotates among the council members ——

         (A) every 6 months       (B) every 3 months        (C) every year       (D) every month

107.  'The Gathering Storm' is written by ——

         (A) Winston Churchill        (B) George Washington         (C) Voltaire        (D) Romain Rollands

108.  'Mrichchakatika' was written by ——

         (A) Vikramaditya         (B) Shudraka        (C) Kalhana        (D) Banabhatta

109.  The first recipient of Nehru Award was ——

         (A) Martin Luther King       (B) Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan       (C) Mother Terasa       (D) U Thant

110.  Kalinga Award was instituted by ——

         (A) UNESCO for exceptional contribution of efforts to popularize Science

         (B) Indian Military

         (C) Jnanpith for encouraging creative writings in modern languages

         (D) Indian Audit Association for outstanding contribution to adult literacy in India

111.  Which is not true about Preserved mushrooms -

         (A) Russia is the leading player in mushroom production

         (B) Mushrooms preserved by balancing, cleaning and sometimes slicing

         (C) It is very nutritious, rich in fibre and proteins

         (D) It has high content of folic acid which is uncommon in vegetables

112.  Which is not among the four basic components of Prodhan Mantri Awas Yojana declared in June, 2015

         (A) Slum rehabilitation         (B) Affordable housing

         (C) Beneficiary led individual house construction or enhancement

         (D) One-time grant for development

113.  Which is not correct about World Anti Doping Agency (WADA)

         (A) WADA has inked a MoU with Sports Ministry of China to crack down on the supply and manufacture of PEDS (Performance enhancing drugs) in the country

         (B) PEDS are openly sold online on Chinese WEBSITES and shipped to other countries

         (C) WADA is a collective initiative led by International Olympic Committee

         (D) It was established in 2015 in Lausanne, Switzerland

114.  Several colours on the screen of a colour television are produced by mixing lights of colours :

         (A) Red, Yellow, Green       (B) Red, Yellow, Blue      (C)  Red, Green, Blue        (D) Yellow, Green, Blue

115.  Which of the following is a good nuclear fuel ?

         (A) Uranium-238        (B) Neptunium-239       (C) Plutonium-239         (D) Thorium-236

116.  Which of the following statements is incorrect -

         (A) Dahagram - Angrapota, largest Bangaladeshi enclave lies within West Bengal

         (B) Tin Bigha Corridor, a strip of Indian territory was leased to Bangladesh

         (C) Dasiar Chhara was the India's largest stand alone enclave

         (D) Dahala - Khagrabari, was a Bangladesh territory inside India

117.  Gold Monetisation Scheme (GMS) provides for -

         (1) Providing option to monetize physical gold by depositing them to authorized banks

         (2) The interest rate of the scheme is fixed by the RBI

         (3) Gold in any form can be deposited with banks for a period of 10 years

         (A) 1 & 2 are correct       (B) only 1 is correct       (C) 2 & 3 are correct      (D) All are correct

118.  Essential amino acid may also be called

         (A) Vitamins        (B) Hormones       (C) Steroids          (D) Enzymes

119.  Most glass contain about 71 % by weight of

         (A) Silicon dioxide        (B) Carbon dioxide       (C) Sulphur dioxide       (D) Calcium Carbonate

120.  Consider the following statements and find out which is not true

         (A) The Constitution of India was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 26th November, 1949

         (B) It came into force on 26th January, 1950

         (C) The Constitution has provisions for independence of Public Service Commission

         (D) Residual powers have been vested with the Government of India

121.  Which Australian Cricketer won the Bhadman Young Cricketer of the Year Award, 2015 ?

         (A) Mitch March       (B) Joe Burns         (C) Sean Abbott         (D) Peter Nevill

122.  Who among the following has won the Men's Singles title at Australia Open - 2015 ?

         (A) Roger Federer        (B) Rafael Nadal       (C) Novak Djokovic      (D) Andy Murray

123.  Jaswant Singh Rajput who died in January, 2015 was associated with

         (A) Hockey        (B) Football        (C) Cricket        (D) Kabbadi

124   —— won the Bronze at 2015 World Wrestling Championship -

         (A) Narasingh Pancham Yadab        (B) Vijender Singh         (C) Akhil Kumar       (D) Sushil Kumar

125.  Leander Paes, Martina Hingis won U S Open Mixed Doubles Title 2015. They defeated Bethanie Mattek Sands and Sam Querrey by —

         (A) 5-4, 5-5, 7-3      (B) 6-4, 3-6, 10-7       (C) 9-1, 7-3, 5-4       (D) 9-5, 10-7, 3-7

126.  Sania Mirza-Martina Hingis won 2015 US Open Women's Doubles title. It was —— Edition of the US Open

         (A) 130th         (B) 120th         (C) 135th       (D) 140th

127.  —— won 2015 Beijing Internatinal Marathon

         (A) Mariko Kipchumba       (B) Ninolai Snesarev        (C) Sebastian Vettee       (D) Floyd May weather

128.  —— has been chosen to host 2022 Asian Games

         (A) Thiruvananthapuram        (B) Hangzhou        (C) Tokyo        (D) Singapore

129.  Which is not true about Whitley Awards -

         (A) It was established in 1994 by Edward Whitley

         (B) The award recognizes film celebrities working in the field of child-health

         (C) The award is dubbed as Green Oscar

         (D) Dr. Promod Patil and Dr. Ananda Kumar have been awarded 2015 Whitely Award

130.  Dr. M.M. Kalburgi was noted ——

         (A) Novelist of Maharashtra         (B) Vice-Chancellor of Kerol University

         (C) A Kannada epigraphist        (D) Poet conferred Sahitya Academi Award in 2015

131.  Who among the following got the 'Bharat Ratna' Award before becoming the President of India ?

         (A) R. Venkataraman        (B) V. V. Giri        (C) Dr. Zakir Hussain       (D) Dr. Rajendra Prasad

132.  Which personality has been awarded the first Life Time Achievement Award for his/her contribution in the field of Cinema ?

         (A) Ashok Kumar        (B) Raj Kapoor       (C) Akiro Kurusova       (D) Bernardo Burtolucci

133.  The name of Pierre Cardin is associated with which of the following fields ?

         (A) Painting        (B) Films        (C) Pop Music       (D) Fashion Designing

134.  Guru Gopi Krishna was a maestro of which of the following dance forma ?

         (A) Kuchipudi        (B) Manipuri        (C) Kathak        (D) Bharatnatyam

135.  In which language the President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee received the first copy of 'Yogi ka Sparsh', a Yoga Manual written by Smt. Nivedita Joshi on 8th June, 2015 ?

         (A) Hindi        (B) Sanskrit         (C) Braille        (D) English

136.  Harriette Thomson of Charlottes North Carolina becomes oldest woman to finish marathon. She is a 92 year old ——

         (A) Blind         (B) Physically challenged        (C) HIV Positive woman        (D) Cancer survivor

137.  Name the US Defence Secretary who visited India from 2 - 4 June, 2015 ?

         (A) Hillary Clinton        (B) Richard Rahul Paul        (C) Ashton Carter       (D) James Smith

138.  Who was conferred with the Asian Athletics Association (AAA) President's award on 2nd June, 2015 ?

         (A) Kapil Dev        (B) Lalit Bhanot        (C) Milkha Singh        (D) Suresh Kalmadi

139.  Who became the first Indian-born woman to be appointed a Judge in New York City ?

         (A) Geeta Mennon        (B) Renu Khator        (C) Ms. Raja Rajeswari       (D) Mira Nair

140.  Which country became the 161st member of world Trade Organisation in April, 2015 ?

         (A) Seychelles         (B) Ghana        (C) Cuba        (D) Sweden

141.  Gun powder consists of a mixture of -

         (A) Sand and TNT       (B) Sulphur, Sand and Charcoal

         (C) Nitre, Sulphur and Charcoal        (D) TNT and Charcoal

142.  Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched ?

         (A) India's first technicolour film  :  Jhansi Ki Rani

         (B) India's first 3-D films  :  My Dear Kuttichathan

         (C) India's first insured film  :  Taal

         (D) India's first actress to win the Bharat Ratna  :  Meena Kumari

143.  The river systems of India can be classified into four groups. Which does not come into the Group

         (A) Himalayan rivers       (B) Deccan rivers       (C) Coastal rivers       (D) Midland Basin rivers

144.  Which of the following statements is not true

         (A) The President of India is the only authority to pardon a death sentence

         (B) The President can pardon a death sentence under Article 72

         (C) The President can grant pardon to sentence by a court martial

         (D) The Governor can pardon death sentence if the State law prescribes for death sentence

145.  Which of the following statements are not the regarding National Register of Indian Citizens

         (A) It is not compulsory for every Indian citizen to register

         (B) It is a Register of usual residents of the identity data base

         (C) The objective is to create a comprehensive identity data base

         (D) This will help to prevent identity fraud

146.  Which is not true about Prodhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY)

         (A) It is a financial inclusion scheme         (B) No minimum balance is required to open the account

         (C) Accidental Insurance cover of Rs. 1.00 Lakh        (D) Life Insurance cover of Rs. 35,000/-

147.  Which is not true with respect to 'Make in India' campaign

         (A) To put India prominently on the global manufacturing map

         (B) Facilitate the inflow of new technology and capital

         (C) Creation of millions of jobs

         (D) The campaign commences from 1st January, 2015

148.  India launches e-visa facilities to —— countries

         (A) 40        (B) 43        (C) 45      (D) 48

149.  Who is not the recipient of Padma Vibhushan Award, 2015

         (A) L. K. Advani        (B) Aga Khan        (C) Amitava Bachhan       (D) Saira Banu

150.  —— is National Hindi Divas -

        (A) 14th September        (B) 14th October         (C) 14th November        (D) 14th December

151.  Which of the following statements is not correct -

         (A) Hungary declares state of emergency in Csongrad and Bacs-Kiskun and sealed its border

         (B) Hungary had emerged as epicenter of refugee crisis

         (C) The refugees are mainly from Libya, Sudan, Iraq

         (D) The refugees are seeking refuse to save life from oppression in those countries

152.  Which of the following statements is not true

         (A) IISC, Bangalore and IIT Delhi figure in the top 200 World Universities Ratings

         (B) National University of Singapore has topped among Asian Universities

         (C) Massachusetts Institute of Technology of US has topped the ranking for the fourth time

         (D) In the top of 10 Universities 6 are from US

153.  India and Bangladesh signed a protocol to the Agreement concerning the demarcation of land boundary on

         (A) September 6, 2011       (B) May 16, 1974       (C) August 19, 2015       (D) None of the above

154.  Consider the following -

         1.  Until July 31, 2015 Paschim Mashaldanga was one of the 51 Bangladeshi enclaves in India.

         2.  All the Chitts come in the rural extreme of Cooch-Behar

         3.  111 Indian enclaves with a population of 37,000 transferred to Bangladesh

         Code :

        (A) 1 is not true         (B) 2, 3 are partially true        (C) 1, 2 are not true       (D) All are true

155.  Essential fatty acids are lowest in -

         (A) Fish liver oil       (B) Sunflower oil       (C) Vegetable oil       (D) Coconut oil

156.  Malnutrition in India is mainly attributed to -

         (A) Protein deficiency       (B) Vitamin A deficiency        (C) Iron deficiency       (D) All of the above

157.  Highest Biological value is from -

         (A) Eggs        (B) Milk       (C) Soyabean        (D) Meat

158.  During pregnancy, vacination can be given against all these diseases except -

         (A) Hepatities      (B) Typhoid         (C) Mumps       (D) Hepatitis-B

159.  Going from India to Europe, vaccination is now required of -

         (A) Cholera         (B) Yellow fever        (C) Hepatities        (D) None of the above

160.  Human suffering Index in India is

         (A) 61      (B) 50        (C) 80       (D) 70

161.  Maximum number of mass extinction occurred during

          (A) Holocene        (B) Devonian         (C) Oligocene        (D) Pleistocene period

162.  The number of biodiversity hot spots in India is

         (A) One        (B) Two         (C) Three         (D) Four

163.  Land fill gas is other name of

         (A) CO2        (B) CO       (C) H2S       (D) Ch4

164.  The convention for biodiversity is dated back to

         (A) 1973        (B) 1983        (C) 1993       (D) 2003

165.  The super oil bag is actually

         (A) A fungus        (B) An algae        (C) A bacteria        (D) A transgenic bacteria

166.  The following organism is an indicator for air pollution

         (A) Algae         (B) Fungi        (C) Lichen        (D) Bryophyte

167.  The length of the coastal zone from the high tide line is

         (A) 200 M        (B) 500 M        (C) 700 M       (D) 1000 M

168.  Biomedical waste disposal Act is dated back to

         (A) 1992         (B) 1998         (C) 2000       (D) 2002

169.  The original article which talks about protection of environment in Indian constitution is

         (A) 38A         (B) 48A        (C) 51A        (D) 61A

170.  GM counter is used to measure the following pollution

         (A) Noise        (B) Water        (C) Radioactive       (D) Air

171. The Black Money (Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets) and Imposition of Tax Act, 2015 does not include following

        (A) Failure to declare an undisclosed foreign asset will entail higher penalty and prosecution

        (B) Result in forfeiture of assets under Money Laundering Act

        (C) The three month compliance window for declaration came to an end on 31st August, 2015

        (D) The declaration can be filed on-line

172. Process of cell division can take place by

        (A) Heterosis        (B) Fusion        (C) Mitosis       (D) None of the above

173. Who developed Yahoo ?

        (A) Danis Ritch        (B) David Filo & Jerry Yong        (C) Vint Cerf & Robert Luis      (D) Steve Carl

174. Consider the following statements

        (1) There are about 5 million Indian workers all over the world

        (2) More than 90% of them are in Gulf Countries and South East Asia

        (3) About 3.4 Lakh were for Saudi Arabia

        Which of the statements given above are correct

        (A) 1 & 2       (B) 2 & 3       (C) 1 & 3      (D) 1, 2 & 3

175. The jet aircrafts fly very easily and smoothly in the lower stratosphere. What could be the appropriate explanation ?

        1. There are no clouds or water-vapour in the lower stratosphere

        2. There are no vertical winds in the lower stratosphere. Which of the statements given above is/are correct

        (A) Only 1        (B) Only 2        (C) Both 1 and 2       (D) Neither 1 and 2

176.  The acidification of oceans is increasing. Why is this phenomenon a cause of concern ?

         1. The growth and survival of coral reefs will be adversely affected

         2. The survival of some animals that have phytoplankton larvae will be adversely affected

         3. The cloud seeding and formation of clouds will be adversely affected

         Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct ?

         (A) 1, 2       (B) Only 2       (C)  1 and 3       (D) All of these

177.  International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone layer is observed on

         (A) April 6        (B) February 22       (C) Septembers 16       (D) December 12

178.  Which one of the following countries is the highest producer of cotton

         (A) China        (B) Brazil        (C) India        (D) United States of America

179.  Who is Steve Fossett known as ?

         (A) As a crocodile hunter        (B) For completing the longest non-stop flight around the globe

         (C) For swimming across Atlantic Ocean       (D) For climbing to Mt. Everest without any co-climber

180.  The world's heaviest mango weighs

          (A) 2.5 Kg.       (B) 3.5 Kg.       (C) 5 pounds and 7 ounces       (D) 4 pounds and 7 ounces

181.  "Green Party" was initiated in

         (A) Germany         (B) Canada        (C) France        (D) USA

182.  Agenda 21 was formulated in

         (A) Stockholm Summit       (B) Nairobi       (C) Rio Summit       (D) Johannesburg Summit

183.  Global Environment Facility was initiated by

         (A) WHO       (B) UNDP        (C) UNEP       (D) WMO

184.  International Board of Plant Genetic Resources was an initiative of

         (A) IUCN       (B) FAO        (C) UNEP       (D) FAO and UNEP

185.  Climate Action Network formed in 1989 included

         (A) 20 countries        (B) 22 countries        (C) 28 countries       (D) 32 countries

186.  The best way to get rid of bio medical waste is

         (A) Incineration        (B) Auto claving        (C) Chemical treatment     (D) Land fill

187.  The first environmental protection act in Independent India was

         (A) Air pollution act        (B) Water pollution act

         C) Environmental Protection act        (D) Hazardous waste act

188.  Compressed Natural Gas is the other name of

         (A) Ammonia        (B) Methane       (C) Hydrogen Sulphide       (D) Carbon dioxide

189.  The following radiocative element is widely available in India

         (A) Uranium        (B) Plutonium        (C) Caesium        (D) Thorium

190.  The following element is not a constituent of fertilizer

         (A) N         (B) P       (C) S       (D) K

191. Birth is to be registered within

        (A) 7 days       (B) 14 days       (C) 30 days       (D)  60 days

192. IQ below is considered mental retardation

        (A) 70       (B) 90        (C) 80       (D) 60

193. Tiger mosquitoes are

        (A) Anopheles        (B) Culex        (C) Aedes       (D) Mansoides

194.  Best quality proteins are found in highest quantities in

         (A) Rice        (B) Wheat        (C) Ragi      (D) Bajra

195.  Consider the following statements

         1. Union Cabinet has approved three lakh crore on urban development under two new urban missions over the next five years - Smart Cities Mission and AMRUT

         2. Union Cabinet has approved new urban Renewal mission, Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation of 500 cities (AMRUT)

         3. The Cabinet has approved the Smart Cities Mission and the AMRUT with outlays of Rs. 48,000 crore and Rs. 50,000 crore respectively

         Select the correct option using the codes given below -

         (A) 1 and 2 only         (B) 2 and 3 only         (C)  1 and 3 only         (D) 1, 2 and 3

196.  With reference to the 62nd National Film Awards, consider the following statements

         1. Directorate of Film Festivals was set-up by the Government of India in 1973 to organize International and National Film Festivals within the country

         2. Vijay has been awarded best actor for Nanu Avanalla Avalu (Kannada)

         3. Shashi Kapoor has been conferred Dadasaheb Phalke Award

         Select the correct option using the codes given below

         (A) 1 and 2 only          (B) 2 and 3 only        (C) 1 and 3 only        (D) 1, 2 and 3

197.  Consider the following statements

         1. The Department of AYUSH has been elevated to an independent Ministry w.e.f. 09.11.2014

         2. June 21 was declared as the International Day of Yoga by the United Nations General Assembly

         Which of the statements given above is / are correct ?

        (A) 1 only         (B) 2 only         (C) Both 1 and 2        (D) None of these

198.  Which committee has given its report on Government advertisements in Media ?

         (A) Rajinder Sachar Committee         (B) N. R. Madhav Menon Committee

         (C) Swaminathan Committee          (D) Mudgal Committee

199.  Eminent Marathi literature —— has been awarded 50th Jnanpit Award for 2014

         (A) Bhalchandra Nemade         (B) VS Khandekar           (C) Shirwakar         (D) Govind Karnadikar

200.  Which of the following statements is not correct -

         (A) About five million VW band was hit by emission scandal

         (B) VW embedded software in the vehicle's electronics allows the cars to emit upto 40 times the legally allowed amount of nitrogen

         (C) In smoke test it shows that emission are within limit

         (D) The scheme was discovered by German Environmental Regulator




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