WBCS Exam Main Compulsory Question Paper - 2011 [The Constitution Of India And The Five-Year Plans]

                                                WEST BENGAL CIVIL SERVICE

                                                        EXAMINATION, 2011

                                                        COMPULSORY PAPER




                                                           Group -A (Marks-50)

                                                        (The Constitution of India)


Answer Question No. 6 which is compulsory and any two from the rest.


1.  Explain the first Fundamental Right enshrined in the Constitution of Indfia.         16


2.  Examine the powers of thelndian Prime Minister.         16


3.  Briefly state tghe salient features of the Indian Constitu-tion.      16


4.  Explain the role played by the Governor of an Indian state.      16


5.  What is meant by Judicial Activism ?  Write a note on it.        4+12


6.  Write short notes on any two of the following :

     (a)  Centre-State Financial Relations.

     (b)  Role of women in Panchayats.

     (c)  Composition and Functions of the Rajya Sabha.

     (d)  Fundamental Duties of Indian Citizens.        9 x 2


                                                               Group - B (Mark-50)

                                                               (The Five-Year Plans)


Answer Question No. 12 which is compulsory and any two from the rest.


7.  Give an account of the major changes in the sectoral distribution of India’s national income during the plan period.      16


8.  Examine the progress of the Indian economy made under five year plans in the light of the objectives of “full employment”, “self-reliance” and “inclusive growth”.      5+5+6


9.  Describe the role of Mohalonobis strategy in the devel-opment plan in the 1950’s. Exp lain how this development strategy ran into difficulties, during the Third Plan period.       16


10.  Examine the role of economic planning in the context of liberalization policy followed in India since 1991.      16


11.  Attempt a critical appraisal of the Tenth Plan.     16


12.  Write short notes on any two :

      (a)  Rationale of Decentralized Planning.

      (b)  Targets of the Eleventh Plan.

      (c)  Any three sources of plan financing in India.

      (d)  Issue of disinvestment in public sector enterprises in India.      9+9