WBCS- 2008 (Compulsory) Arithmetic & Test Of Reasoning

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                                                WEST BENGAL CIVIL SERVICE

                                                       EXAMINATION, 2008




Time Allowed: 3 hours                                                                                   Full Marks: 100

Answers may be written either in English or in Bengali but all answers must be in one and the same language.

                                                      GROUP-A Arithmetic: 50 Marks


Answer all the questions.


1.  (a)  Convert into ordinary fraction:  31.56349.

     (b) What percent is 2kg 250gm of 0.72 quintals ?

     (c) If  A : B = 4 : 6,   B : C = 8 : 10,    C : D = 6 : 5.    Find A : B : C : D.      2+1+2


2.   A. B. C individually can do a work in 10, 12 and 15 days respectively.  They start working together. But 5 days before the work is finished A leaves and B leaves 3 days before it is finished. What time is taken to finish the work ?      5


3.  A cistern has two taps. First tap can fill the whole cistern in 1.8 minutes and the second tap can empty the full cistern in 12 minutes. Both the taps arc opened simultaneously when the cistern is half full with water. In how much time the cistern will be full empty ?     5


4. In a box there are 378 coins in one rupee. 50 paise and 25 paise coins. If the ratio of their values be 13 : 11 : 7.   Find the numbers of each coin in the box.     5


5. If 120 men can dig a trench 324 m long 24 m wide and 2 m deep in 9 days of 12 hours each, how many men can dig a trench 1458 m long 20 m wide and 3 m deep in 36 days of 9 hours each ?     5


6. The price of sugar decreases by 10% and this decrease in price enables a man to purchase 1 kilogram more sugar for Rs.90. Find the present as well as previous price of sugar per kilogram. 5


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