Answer to WBCS- 2011 (Compulsory) GK & Current affiers

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Answer to WBCS- 2011 (Compulsory Papers) General Knowledge


1.  (a)  Dilma Roussef

     (b)  Abbottabad

     (c)  Zakumi

     (d)  71 countries

     (e)  Bhutan (Thimpu)

     (f)  Sushil Kumar

     (g)  Thein Sein

     (h)  1972

     (i)   Mohammed Bouazizi

     (j)  Jamaican Triple Jumper Trecia-Kaye Smith


2.  (a)  Aung San Syu Ki

     (b)  Diego Forlan ( Uruguay )

     (c)  38

     (d)  "Till 31st July-Nirupama Rao    From 1st Aug -Ranjan Mathai

     (e)  State of Hyderabad, in 1948

     (f)  Southern Part- South Sudan  ,

     (g)  Oct 6 to Oct 25, 1973 [Arab Israeli War 1973] [ It is also known as October war or Ramadan war

     (h)  Cancun - Mexico

      (i)  Singapore City

      (j)  Vatican City


3.   A.  Cholera       —  5. Vibrio Cholerae

      B.  Plague         —  2. Yersinia Pestis

      C.  Pneumonia  —  4. Diplococcus Pneumoniae

      D.  Typhoid      —  1. Salmonella Typhosa

      E.  Leprosy      —   3. Mycobacterium Leprae


4.  (a)   Liu Xiabao

     (b)  Waren Anderson

     (c)   Ban Ki Moon

     (d)   Dimitry Medvedev

     (e)   Jawahar Lai Nehru Stadium

     (f)   Sheikh Hasina Wazed

     (g)   South African President Thabo Mbeki

     (h)  When Military forces of Gaddafi continued their assault in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi despite a tentative dead line by the U.S., E.U., Arab Govt, to cease military operation. [Mar 19, 2011]

     (i)  King Lear

     (j) Brussels ( Belgium )


5.  (b) (i)  Jhumpa Lahiri

         (ii)  Belorussia or White Russia /White Ruthenia

         (iii)  30 Aug, 2010

        (iv)  January, 1993

        (v)   China (City : Sanya)


6.  (a)  US Navy SEALS

     (b)  Westminster Abbey

     (c)   Fukushima Daiichi

     (d)   China, Guangjhou

     (e)   Adidas Zabulani

     (f)   King of Bhutan, Jigme Khesar Namgyl Wangchuk

     (g)   Hamid Ansari

     (h)   Mahindra Rajapaksha

     (i)   2nd March, 2007

     (j)  Atlantic Charter


7.    1   —   E,

       2   —  D,

       3   —  A,

       4   —  B,

       5   —  C


8.  (a)  Yuvraj Singh

     (b)  Murli Manohar Joshi

     (c)  J. K. Rowling

     (d)  10 Digits

     (e)  Umar al-Bashir

     (f)  1950 

     (g)  Seoul

     (h)  Jaitapur (Maharashtra)

     (i)  187

     (j)  Andres Iniesta  [The Incorporation of Tibet into the People's Republic of China (PRC) was a process by which the PRC gained control of the area comprising the present-day Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR). The area comprising the present-day TAR, had been under the control of the Government of Tibet since shortly after the fall of the Qing Dynasty in 1911. These regions came under the control of the PRC after a military conflict in the Qamdo (or Chamdo) area of Western Kham in October 1950, and the eventual acceptance of the Seventeen Point Agreement by the Government of Tibet and the PRC in October 1951. The Government of Tibet and Tibetan social struc¬ture remained in place intheTAR under the authority of the PRC until the 1959 Tibetan uprising, when the Dalai Lama fled into exile and after which the Government of Tibet was dissolved.]


9.    1 — E,

       2 — D,

       3 — C,

       4 — B,

       5 — A


10.   (a)   Argentina

        (b)  Tahir's Square

        (c)   Mahmud Abbas

        (d)   1987

        (e)    A. P. J. Kalam

        (f)    Jaipur

        (g)   8th March

        (h)   Kautilya expressed this opinion in Arthasashtra

        (i)   Vitamin E

        (j)   Paulo Coelho





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