WBJEE question paper

W.B. Joint Entrance- 2011 Mathematics Paper (English Version)



( English Version )


1.  4 boys and 2 girls occupy seats in a row at random. Then the probability that the two girls occupy seats side by side is

W.B Joint Entrance 2010 Physics and Chemistry Paper(English Version)


1. Experimental investigations show that the intensity of solar radiation is maximum for a wavelength 480 nm in the visible region. Estimate the surface temperature of sun. Given Wein’s constant b = 2.88 × 10–3 mK.

(A) 4000 K   (B) 6000 K    (C) 8000 K    (D) 106 K



2. The temperature of an ideal gas is increased from 120 K to 480 K. If at 120 K, the root mean square speed of gas molecules is v, then at 480 K it will be

(A) 4v    (B) 2v    (C) 2v    (D) 4v