wbcs prelims question papers

WBCS Preliminary Exam-2006 (Beng Ver)

WBCS Prelims Exam 2006 (Bengali Version)


Direction for Question Nos.1 to 4

Select the right word to complete the following sentences:


1.  To make use of marks like commas or full stops is to

    (a) Deviate       (b) Vary      (c) Regulate        (d) Punctuate


2.  When the author gives a name which is not his real one the book is said to be written under a

    (a) Fiction      (b) Falsehood      (c) Pseudonym      (d) Mistake


WBCS Preliminary Exam-2009 (Beng Ver)

WBCS Prelims-2009 Question Paper (Bengali Version)

Time: 2 hours 30 minutes                Marks: 200


Direction for Question Nos. 1 to 5

From the given options choose the words nearest in meaning to those underlined in the sentences:

1. The children were very vivacious in the play ground.

    (A) smiling     (B) sportive    (C) lively / full of life    (D) joyful


2. After a prolonged suffering he passed away.

WBCS Preliminary Exam-2010 (Beng Ver)

Public Service Commission (W.B.) W.B.C.S. Executive  Exam [Preliminary] —2010

(Bengali Version)


1. Choose the right alternative from the options given below :      

     Agourmet loves ———.    

   (A) Fashion     (B) Action    (C) Food     (C) Films


Direction for Question Nos. 2 and 3

Fill in the blanks in the sentences choosing the most meaningful alternetive from the ones supplied :