IAS Zoology Question Papers

IAS(Main) 2010 Zoology Paper-II Question Paper

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1. Answer any FOUR, each in around 150 words:-  15×4=60

(a) Distinguish between allopatric and sympatrci speciation.

(b) Explain the finctional dofferences between Shini- Dalgarno sequence and Pribnow sequence.

(c) Comment on phenylketonuria as a genetic disorder.

(d) Distingguish between classificla taxonomy and molecular taxonomy.

(e) Distinguish between Drawinism and neo- Darwinism.

IAS(Main) 2010 Zoology Paper-I Question Paper

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1. Write concise accounts of any three  of the following in about 200 words each: 20×3=60

(a) What are coral reefs? Enlist their geographical distribution, types and threats being faced by them.

(b) Draw well labelled diagrams only of male urinogenital system of Labeo and frong.

(c) Enlist and draw the diagrams of various larval evolutionary significance.

(d) Draw a well labelled diagram of the internal ear of rabbit. Comment upon the functions of each part.