IAS Psychology Question Papers

IAS(Main) 2010 Psychology Paper-I Question Paper

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Section - A

1. Answer the follwoing, each in not more than 100 words:

(a) Under what conditions would a researcher prefer to use focused group discussion over interviewing?   10

(b) In what ways does an experimental desgn differ from a quasi-experimental design ?  10

(c) What is REM sleep and how is it related to dreaming ?   10

(d) How would you process information for maintaining it for long-term usage ? 10

IAS(Main) 2010 Psychology Paper-II Question Paper

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Section - A

1. Answer any three of the following. (Each answer should not exceed 200 words):   20×3=60

(a) Discuss the application of psychological tests in the selection of creative students. Elucidate their limitations.

(b) In which way, the eastern traditional wisdom has contributed to dealing with psychological illesses ?

(c) Evaluate the applications of equity theory and Porter- Lawler's theory in modern organizations.

(d) Discuss the role of social agencies in rehabilitation of HIV/AIDS victims.