IAS Medical Science Question Papers

IAS(Main) 2010 Medical Science Paper-II Question Paper


1. Answer any five of the following:

(a) Explain the origin and course of Facial Never. Describe its functional components and distribution. What is Bell’s palsy and give the anatomical reasons for the presenting signs?           4+6+2= 12

(b) Describe the blood supply and lymphatic drainage of stomach. Add a note on the applied anatomy of both.   9+3= 12

IAS(Main) 2010 Medical Science Paper-I Question Paper


1. Answer any four of the following :

(a) How will you manage a case of acute servere bronchiall asthma ?    15

(b) Enumericate the causes of secondary hypertension. Describe, in brief, the treatment of a patient with essential hyperyension.             6+9= 15

(c) Describe uses of intravenous human immunoglobulin (IVIG) in dermatological diseases.  15