Bengali font problem




1.   Windows Complex script Install Procedure   

2.  Solaiman-Lipi Font Setting




1.  Solaiman-Lipi Font Setting


  Windows XP:


Control Panel > Regional and Language Options> Language

Windows Xp SP2 CD absent

 IComplex 3.0.0 (Full Edition)



                       SolaimanLipi Font: Download

1. Mozilla Firefox

2. Internet Explorer


Firefox setting:

      Tools >> Options >> Content Tab         

   Click on Advanced      

In Fonts for dropdown, select Bengali

In Proportional Select, Sans Serif and do the following and again select Serif and do the following:

Put Size as 16 or 17.

Serif, from dropdown select SolaimanLipi

Sans SerifSolaimanLipi.

OK and OK

These selection assumes that SolaimanLipi is already installed.


Internet Explorer setting:

       Tools >> Internet Options       

Click Fonts >>


From Language Script dropdown select Bengali.

In Webpage font pane select SolaimanLipi.

In Plain text font pane select SolaimanLipi.

OK >> OK.