wbchse syllabus

Syllabus for Nutrition [Class -XII]

Class XII: Nutrition Syllabus  (Full Marks—100)


THEORY  ( Full Marks—80 )

PRACTICAL Total Marks—20


A.  Nutritive Process :

(1)  Utilization of food by the body : digestion, absorption and metabolism.

(2)  Energy requirement during rest, different physical activities and different physiological conditions, e.g. growth, pregnancy and lactation.


Syllabus for Computer Science [Class -XII]

Class XII: Computer Science Syllabus  (Full Marks-100)

THEORETICAL   ( Full Marks-70 )

PRACTICAL        ( FullMarks-30 )


A.  Fixed and Floating Point Representation of Real Number, Unicode representation of Characters and Strings, Bit Map representation :


B.  Sequential Logic Circuits-Flip-Flops, Registers and Counters- Synchronous and Asynchronous Concepts: 


Syllabus for Bio Science [Class-XII]

Class XII: Biological Sciences Syllabus

                                CLASS - XII (Full Marks 100)

                                  Theory-80 Botany (Group - A)

                                            Marks - 25


1. Virus and Bacteria :