Siteauthor help

How can I improve my Content Quality?

Content Quality depends on
1. Quality of your post
2. Bengali language factor
3. SiteAuthor ‘s image
4. Content effectiveness.
5. Content information authenticity.


1. Quality of Your post

Your post should be a full page content and nicely composed. Atleast 30 lines (300 words ) or more but not more than 100 lines. if more then break it up into part1, part2, part3  …..


2. Bengali language content:

What is my earning ?

Go to your “Workspace” —> then you will see “Total views” 

Total views: ????Today’s total view: ???? Then read SiteAuthor program policy At present eCPM rate is Rs.5/-
 Calculate your earnings?
 Your earnings= (Total views X 5)/1000