Syllabus for Sanskrit (Hons) -[WBSSC]

Syllabus for WBSSC Sanskrit (Hons./PG)



1. GRAMMAR: Case-ending: Stress on Principles and Application in Language, i.e. syntactic structure, Declension (Special stress on stems ending in at, an, as, Sarvanamans, numerals one to eight)


Conjugation (Special stress on the groups Bhavadi, Adadi, Rudhadi, and Hvadi. Further stress on the tenses and moods – lat, lot, lan, vidhilin, Irt, and lit) Sandhi (specially Visargasandhi)

Syllabus for Sanskrit Optional Paper

Syllabus for W.B.C.S: Sanskrit Optional Paper  [Code:03]


Paper – I:

(a) Sanskrit linguistics;

(b) Sanskrit grammar;

(c) Translation from Vedic Texts into English; translation from Classical Sanskrit into English; translation from English into Sanskrit.


Paper – II :

(a) History of Vedic and Classical Sanskrit Literature;

(b) Texts (meant for general acquaintance and not for minute study) :