Power Electronics

List of Symbols of Power Electronics

List of Symbols used in Power Electronics books. Average value of the output DC voltage., Average value of the output DC current., Output dc power.,Output capacitor. The root mean square (rms) value of the ac voltage., The rms value of the ac current. Efficiency ( or Rectification ratio) of a rectifier.

Introduction to power electronics

In recent times, energy conservation is one of the most popular issues through the world. Lots of debates and discussions are taking place as to how to save energy. One of the best meaningful solutions to the ever increasing energy crisis is to improve energy utilization efficiency…

Power Electronics

Power electronics integrates the use of three areas of specialization in engineering, namely, Electronics, Power, and Control.  It deals with the use of electronic for the conversion and control of electronic for electronic power in various industrial, commercial, residential and aerospace applications.  The evolution in power electronic is the synthesis of multiple technological disciplines.