Madhyamik syllabus

Syllabus for Physical Science [Class -X]

Syllabus for CLASS X: Physical Science

Common to Physics and Chemistry

1. Structure of Atom

Concept of atom, Dalton’s atomic theory (critical study not required).

Nucleus and extranuclear electrons. Structure of nucleus-constituents (protons and neutrons only). Simple mention of nuclear force.

Mass and charge of electron, proton, neutron.

Planetary model of atom- similarities and dissimilarities with solar systems.

Syllabus for English [Class - X ]

Syllabus for English  ( পাঠ্য নির্ঘন্ট ) দশম শ্রেণী - Class X


Distribution of marks : One paper — 100 marks ( Written - 90 ; Oral - 10 )

  To Test Reading Skill  —  40 marks (20 seen + 20 unseen)

  To Test Writing Skill   —  30 marks (unseen  

  Grammar and Vocabulary in proper communicative context — 20 marks  


English (SL)

Syllabus For Class-X

Prose (Section — A)

1. Engine Trouble

Syllabus for Geography [Class - X ]

Class X Geography Syllabus




1.1.1    Landforms and their classification

1.1.2    Mountains-fold, block, volcanic and relict mountains

1.1.3    Plateaus-dissected, intermontane and lava plateaus

1.1.4    Plains-alluvial flood plains, deltaic plains and coastal plains

Syllabus for History [Class - X ]

Class X History Syllabus

Modern India and the World


Topic 1

Expansion of British Empire in India (no detailed narratives of battles are required. Stages of imperial expansion should be clearly stated )-different stages (1765-1856 A.D.) Foundation of the colonial administration (gradual growth of colonial structure of administration is to be reflected)


Topic II