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Careers in Company Secretary --- Job Prospects and Colleges

A trained company secretary must be an expert in multiple disciplines - from finance to law to company administration.


Company Secretary


A company secretary is a part of a company’s senior management team. Prestige and responsibility is attached to the job. Besides playing an important role in running a company, Company Secretaries provide a key link between the management and , shareholders. They also give legal advice and keep records.

Careers in Commercial Pilot --- Job Prospects and Colleges

Commercial Pilot : খরচ সাপেক্ষ, কিন্তু Commercial Pilot ট্রেনিং  উচ্চ আয় সম্পন্ন glamorous career গড়তে সাহায্য করে ।

There is a good and sustainable demand for experienced pilots in the flourishing Indian civil aviation industry. Even in the global industry there is a demand for pilots. Two things have to be kept in mind before decidingon choosing pilot as a career option. One, pilot training can be quite expensive - it could cost a few lakh rupees. Two, whetheryou have the physical and mental stamina to be alert on job for long hours.