Career Options in India

Careers in Merchant Navy --- Job Prospects and Colleges

It offers a well-paid career involving adventure and travel across the world. But on the flip side, it means staying away from one’s mm country and family for loitf periods of time.


Merchant Navy is the backbone of international trade, carrying cargo across the globe. Without the merchant navy, much of the import-export business would grind to a halt.


Careers in Medical Transcription --- Job Prospects and Colleges

Medical Transcription

[New Generation Job]


One of the fastest growing professions today in healthcare is Medical Transcription. A Medical Analyst listens to dictated recordings made by physicians and other medical professionals and convert them into document in the prescribed format. It does not merely include transcribing documents but also involves analyzing the voice files and documents and correcting mistakes if any made by the physician.


Careers in Library Science --- Job Prospects and Colleges

Library Science


Library is the abode of books. Library science is the study of issues related to libraries. But in this cyber centred world of today, libraries are not limited to books. The new era has widened the horizon of library science. It now deals with knowledge management - e-books, video and audio tapes, CDs and DVDs, internet and so on.

Careers in Law --- Job Prospects and Colleges

There are more practicing lawyers with fewer cases; therefore, many are looking at salaried jobs as an option.



Practicing law has become highly competitive as more lawyers chase fewer cases. Yet legal practice continues to attract some of the best and brightest minds. Law schools, particularly the reputed ones, have been attracting talented young people.

Careers in Journalism -- Job Prospects and Colleges

Journalism: ভারতীয় মিডিয়া দিনের পর দিন  প্রসারিত হয়ে চলেছে সেইজন্য চাই দক্ষ  সাংবাদিক এবং অন্যান্য মিডিয়া পেশাদার। সাংবাদিক এবং অন্যান্য মিডিয়া পেশাদারদের চাহিদা ক্রমশই বাড়তে থাকবে।

Bachelor’s degree in journalism/mass communication, postgraduate degree in journalism/mass communication and post-graduate diploma in journalism/mass communication are the main courses in this field. There are also courses in specialized areas of journalism like sports, television, photo, press law, etc.