Syllabus for English (Hons) -[WBSSC]

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Syllabus for WBSSC English (Hons./PG)

Sidney                               : Loving in Truth
Spenser                             : One day I wrote her name
Shakespeare                      : Shall I compare thee….
John Donne                       : The Good Marrow
George Herbert                 : Virtue
Alexander Pope                 : The Rape of the Lock (Cantos I & II)
Blake                                 : The Tyger; The Lamb
William Wordsworth          : Tintern Abbey
Samuel Taylor Coleridge   : Christabel; Kubla Khan
P. B. Shelley                     : Ode to the West Wind; to a Skylark
John Keats                       : Ode to a Nightingale; To Autumn
Alfred Tennyson               : Ulysses
Robert Browing               : My last Duchess
W.B. Yeats                      : The Wild Swans at Coole
Wilfred Owen                  : Strange Meeting
T.S. Eliot                         : Hollow Men


Shakespeare                  : Macbeth
Goldsmith                      : She Stoops to Conquer
George Bernard Shaw   : Arms and the Man
J. M. Synge                   : Riders To the sea


Jane Austen              : Pride and Prejudice
Charles Dickens       : David Copperfield


Short Story and Essay
A. Short Story
Joseph Conard         : The Lagoon
James Joyce             : Araby
Somerset Maugham  : The Lotos Eater
Katherine Mansfield  : The Fly


B. Essay
Charles Lamb    : Dream Children: A Reverie; The Superannuated Man
G.B. Shaw        : Freedom
Francis Bacon   : of Studies


Grammar and Usage
Common Errors ,

Subject Verb Agreement; Tenses; Active and Passive Voice, Articles, Prepositions,

Adverbs, Adjective ,

Sentence Forms

Simple Compound, Complex, Relative Clauses , Joining and Splitting of  Sentences 

Narration  Direct and Indirect
A single paragraph of about 50-60 words to be written on a given topic
Literary Devices:
Rhetoric and Prosody



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