Syllabus for Optional Papers of WBCS Main Exam-2014

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 List of Optional Subjects

(1) Bengali01(2) Hindi02(3) Sanskrit03(4) English04
(5) Pali05(6) Arabic06(7) Persian07(8) French08

(9) Urdu

09(10) Santali10(11) Comparative Literature11(12) Agriculture12

(13) Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science


(14) Anthropology

14(15) Botany15(16) Chemistry16

(17) Civil Engineering


(18) Commerce and Accountancy


(19) Computer Science


(20) Economics

(21) Electrical Engineering21(22) Geography22(23) Geology23(24) History24
(25) Law25(26) Mathematics26(27) Management27(28) Mechanical Engineering28
(29) Medical Science29(30)  Philosophy30(31) Physiology31(32) Physics32
(33) Political Science33(34) Psychology34(35) Sociology35(36) Statistics36
(37) Zoology37      

Answers in all the Optional papers, except the language papers may be written either in English or in Bengali (unless otherwise directed in these rules or in the question papers). Answers in the following optional papers may also be written in Nepali: Optional :

(1) Political Science

(2) Botany

Note : Candidates should write their answers to all the questions in only one and the same language in any particular paper.

Candidates may use the Devanagari or Bengali Script in the answer papers on Sanskrit, the Devanagari Script in the answer papers on Hindi or Nepali, and the Bengali, Arabic, Persian, Urdu in the answer papers on Bengali, Arabic, Persian and Urdu respectively. Questions for Santali Paper will be set in Olchiki script and answers should also be written in Olchiki.



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