MCQ on Geography of India with special reference to West Bengal for WBCS/SSC/Misc Competitive Exam/etc - II

MCQ on Geography of India with special reference to West Bengal for WBCS/SSC/Misc Competitive Exam/etc - II


Geography of West Bengal — ( 71 mcq )

26. ‘Tarai’ region of West Bengal is roughly :

      (a) High land        (b) Low land        (c) Plain land        (d) Alluvial land

27. Which city is known as the ‘Door towards Bhutan’ :

      (a) Siliguri        (b) Jalpaiguri        (c) Darjeeling        (d) None of these

28. Which one of the following National Highway has crossed Farakka Barrage ?

      (a) NH 31        (b) NH 32              (c) NH 33        (d) NH 34

29. Which one of the following district has got Head Quarter in the name of the District ?

      (a) Nadia    (b) Birbhum        (c) Hooghly         (d) Bankura

30. Which one is not in the Northern side of West Bengal State ?

      (a) Jaldhaka        (b) Kaljani        (c) Mahananda         (d) Mayurakshi

31. Which one is of highest length :

      (a) Teesta         (b) Mahananda         (c) Jaldhaka         (d) Kansabati

32. Which one is not a Tidal river ?

      (a) Icchamati         (b) Vidyadhari         (c) Kalindi        (d) Jalangi

33. Tropic of cancer has not passed through any area of :

      (a) Purulia         (b) Nadia         (c) Burdwan        (d) Birbhum

34. The density of population per sq. km in Kolkata as per 2001 census is around :

      (a) 25 thousund         (b) 20 thousand         (c) 15 thousand        (d) 10 thousand

35. Literacy rate in West Bengal on the basis of 2001 census report is around :

      (a) 65%         (b) 67%         (c) 69%         (d) 71%

36. Region named ‘Diara’ is associated with the district of :

      (a) Coochbehar         (b) Murshidabad          (c) Maldaha       (d) None of these

37. Which one has not been correctly matched ?

      (a) Burdwan : Coal       (b) Purulia : Lime stone      (c) Birbhum : China clay      (d) Bankura : Manganese

38. Which one has not been correctly matched ?

      (a) Burnpur: Iron & Steel         (b) Rupnarayanpur : Electric/Telephone wire

      (c) Chittaranjan : Rail Engine        (d) Anupnagar : Eletronics goods

39. Which one is the most important river of the ‘Rarr’ region of West Bengal ?

      (a) Damodar        (b) Ajay        (c) Mayurakshi        (d) None

40. The Head Quarter of the ‘Tiger Project’ of Sundarban region is located at :

      (a) Canning         (b) Fresherganj        (c) Gosaba        (d) Basanti

41. In which item West Bengal is not the biggest producer among the States of India :

      (a) Rice         (b) Jute         (c) Tea        (d) fish



1. Among the States of India the position of West Bengal in silk production :

    (a) 1st        (b) 2nd        (c) 3rd        (d) None of these

2. In which year the Metro Rail system of Kolkata was started to run :

    (a) 1993       (b) 1994        (c) 1995       (d) 1996

3. In which district of West Bengal there is a Central University ?

    (a) Kolkata         (b) Birbhum        (c) Midnapur        (d) None of these

4. Around what percent of total rice is produced in West Bengal

    (a) 10%        (b) 12%        (c) 15%        (d) 18%

5. Which one is not the name of a Division of West Bengal ?

    (a) Presidency        (b) Burdwan        (c) Maldaha        (d) Jalpaiguri

6. On the basis of recommendation of the State Reorganisation Commission ol India a part of Purnea district of Bihar was added to the district of :

    (a) Maldaha        (b) Birbhum        (c) Purulia        (d) North Dinajpur

7. A part of Manbhum district was added to the district of :

   (a) Purulia        (b) Birbhum         (c) Midnapore        (d) None of these

8. For which fruit ‘Diara’ region of West Bengal is famous ?

    (a) Banana       (b) Pine apple       (c) Mango       (d) None of these

9. Which one is not an example of Torrential (fed by rain water) river ?

    (a) Teesta        (b) Subarnarekha        (c) Vidyadhari       (d) Matla

10. At present West Bengal has net sown area of around (in Lakh hectares) :

      (a) 45        (b) 50        (c) 60         (d) 65

11. The most important cash crop of West Bengal is :

      (a) jute        (b) Tea        (c) Tobacco       (d) None of these

12. West Bengal district having highest production of Tobacco is

      (a) Bardwan       (b) Maldaha        (c) Murshidabad       (d) Coochbehar

13. Which one has not been correctly matched ?

      (a) Jhalda of Purulia : Lime stone        (b) Tamakhan of Bankura : Iron

      (c) Buxaduar of Jalpaiguri : Dolomite       (d) Belpahari of Midnapore : Manganese

14. Mohammed bazar of Birbhum is famous for :

      (a) China clay         (b) Lime stone        (c) Dolomite       (d) None of these

15. ‘Canada Dam’ is associated with the project named :

      (a) Damodar        (b) Kansabati        (c) Mayurakshi         (d) Jaldhaka

16. Total length of Metro Rail system of Kolkata is around :

      (a) 14 kms         (b) 16 kms         (c) 18 kms        (d) 20 kms

17. Total number of Railway station in the Metro Railway system of Kolkata is :

      (a) 15        (b) 17        (c) 19         (d) 21

18. The length of Farakka barrage is :

      (a) 1860 metre          (b) 2035 metre         (c) 2240 metre         (d) 2410 metre

19. With which National High way the Grand Trunk Road is associated ?

      (a) NH 2      (b) NH 5       (c) NH 6       (d) None of these

20. The height of ‘Biharinath Hill’ of Bribhum district is around :

      (a) 450 metre         (b) 440 metre        (c) 420 metre        (d) 380 metre

21. ‘Tilpara’ irrigation canal is in :

      (a) Bardwan          (b) Birbhum         (c) Purulia        (d) None of these

22. The irrigation canal of Damodar Vally Corporation (DVC) is in :

      (a) Maldaha        (b) Murshidabad        (c) Burdwan        (d) None of these

23. With which River Valley project Massanjore Dam is associated :

      (a) Damodar        (b) Mayurakshi        (c) Farrakka         (d) None of these

24. Average temperature required for proper production of jute is around (in Celsius) :

      (a) 20°         (b) 25°         (c) 30°        (d) 35°

25. Highest rice producing district of West Bengal is :

      (a) Murshidabad         (b) Maldaha         (c) Burdwan        (d) None of these

26. First Jute mill of India was set up in 1859 in :

      (a) Naihati         (b) Serampore        (c) Kulti       (d) Rishra

27. The Steel mill of Durgapur was set up in collaboration with :

      (a) Russia        (b) Germany        (c) Britain        (d) France

28. In West Bengal mining instruments are manufactured in :

      (a) Asansol        (b) Durgapur        (c) Howrah        (d) None of these

29. Among the Indian States the position of West Bengal in population is

      (a) 4th        (b) 5th        (c) 6th        (d) 7th

30. On the basis of 2001 census report population of Greater Kolkata is around :

      (a) 122 lakh        (b) 128 lakh        (c) 132 lakh       (d) 136 lakh

31. Around how many Jute mills are there in the Hooghly industrial area :

      (a) 40       (b) 60        (c) 80        (d) 100

32. In Hooghly industrial area Heavy chemical factories are dominant at :

      (a) Konnagar         (b) Kamarhati        (c) Rishra         (d) Naihati

33. Which one of the following towns is closest to Bangladesh border ?

      (a) Krishnanagar        (b) Maldaha        (c) Raiganj        (d) Balurghat

34. Which one is the smallest district of West Bengal in area ?

      (a) Hooghly        (b) Howrah        (c) South Dinajpur        (d) None of these

35. The second largest city of West Bengal in population is :

      (a) Durgapur         (b) Maldaha        (c) Howrah        (d) None of these

36. Which one National Highway destination has not been correctly matched from Vehicle starting from Kolkata :

      (a) NH 2 : Delhi         (b) NH 5 : Chennai       (c) NH 6 : Mumbai       (d) NH 7 : Patna

37. ‘Rammam’ Hydro-electric project is associated with :

      (a) Darjeeling       (b) Jalpaiguri       (c) Purulia       (d) Bankura

38. Which type of soil is most suitable for tea production ?

      (a) Podsol       (b) Laterite       (c) Alluvial      (d) None of these

39. Most important river of plain region of the Northern part of West Bengal is :

      (a) Subarnarekha       (b) Mahananda        (c) Torsa       (d) None

40. ‘Atrai’ is a Tributary of river :

      (a) Ganga        (b) Bhagirathi        (c) Padma        (d) Jamuna

41. Total area of the Sundarban region is around :

      (a) 7000        (b) 9000       (c) 110000       (d) 13000 sq. km

42. Which one of the following rivers has entered into Orissa from West Bengal :

      (a) Rupnarayan        (b) Subarnarekha         (c) Dwarakeshwar        (d) None

43. The average yearly rainfall for total area of West Bengal is around :

      (a) 125 cm.        (b) 150 cm.        (c) 175 cm.        (d) 200 cm.

44. District having lowest rainfall in West Bengal is :

      (a) Purulia        (b) Bankura        (c) Birbhum        (d) None of these

45. Average rainfall in ‘Buxduars’ of Jalpaiguri, per annum is around :

      (a) 350 cm.        (b) 400 cm.        (c) 450 cm.       (d) 500 cm.

46. During winter season air blows over West Bengal from :

      (a) North        (b) North-east        (c) North-west        (d) South-west

47. Of the 4 official seasons of West Bengal the Summer period is :

      (a) February - April        (b) March - May        (c) April - June       (d) Noiu

48. ‘Tin Bigha’ area leased to Bengladesh for use is associated with :

      (a) Nadia         (b) South Dinajpur         (c) Murshidabad        (d) Coochbehar

49. In West Bengal ‘Water melon’ is mainly produced in :

      (a) Burdwan        (b) Coochbehar        (c) South 24 Parganas       (d) Purulia

50. On which river the Maithon Barrage has been constructed ?

      (a) Barakar        (b) Konar        (c) Ajay       (d) None of these

51. Yealy rice production in West Bengal is found to remain around (in million tons) :

      (a) 11       (b) 13       (c) 15       (d) 17

52. Total wheat production in West Bengal per year is around (in million tons) :

      (a) 1 ton        (b) 2 tons        (c) 3 tons        (d) 4 tons

53. Jute Agricultural Research Institute is located at :

      (a) Barasat         (b) Javadpur        (c) Barrackpore        (d) Alipore

54. Sidrapong of Darjeeling had India’s first :

      (a) Ply wood factory        (b) Hydro power station         (c) Saw Mill        (d) None of these

55. Which one of the following district of West Bengal has got muslim people in majority :

      (a) Maldaha         (b) Nadia         (c) Murshidabad         (d) North Dinajpur