Series resonant Inverters with bi-directional switches

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Operation Research

Paper Code: CHE 804B



Introduction, Decision making, Development of OR, Application of OR, Linear programming, Formulation of LP models, Graphical solution, Simplex method, Duality theory and application, Transportation problem, Assignment problem, Network models, CPM and PERT, Crashing of network, Waiting line models, Elements of queuing models, Poisson আররিবাল and exponential service time distribution, M/ M/I Queue, Finite population models, Queuing cost models, Simulation modeling, Use of random numbers, Flow chart development, Inventory control, Deterministic and Stochastic models, Buffer stocks.




Text Books / References:

  1. Introduction to Operations Research: Gillett. TMH
  2. Operations Research, Panneerselvam, PHI
  3. Operation Research: Gupta, P. K. and D. S. Hira

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