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Environmental Engineering

Paper Code: CHE 803

Module I:
Types of environments and their pollutants. Classification of pollutants. Legislative aspects including water act. 1974, Air Act 1981 and efflument standards.
Air pollution : Sources and effects of different air pollutants, Sampling and analysis of air pollutants, Air pollution control methods and equipment, Cyclone Separator, Baghouse, ESP, Venturi Scrubber


Module II:
Water pollution :Sources, sampling and classification of water pollutants, determination of basic parameters and computations associated with: BOD, COD, TS, TDS, SS; Waste water treatment: primary, secondary, tertiary and advanced; aerobic treatment with special reference to activated sludge, trickling filter, RBDC and RBRC, EA; non conventional: WSP, anaerobic treatment with special reference to AFFR, UASB


Module III:

Solid waste management, Sources and classification, public health aspects, Methods of collection and disposal methods:
open dumping, landfill, incineration, composting, vermiculture; Solid waste management using bioremediation for specific pollutants like chromium. Mercury, ammonia / urea, phenolic sludges.


Module IV:
Pollution control in selected process industries – fertilizer industries, petroleum refineries and petrochemical units, pulp and paper industries, Tanning industries, Sugar industries, Dairy, Alcohol industries, Electroplating and metal finishing industries, Radioactive wastes, ranking of wastewater treatment alternatives.


Text Books / References:

  1. Pollution Control in process industries – S.P.Mahajon
  2. Introduction to Environmental Engineering – Connwell & Devis. TMH.
  3. Wastewater treatment for pollution control – S.J.Arceivala, TMH
  4. Air Pollution – Rao,
  5. Wastewater Engg. – Metcalf & Eddy, TMH
  6. Environmental Pollution Control Engineering – C S Rao, New age
  7. Standard Methods APHA /AWWA



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