Comparisons between ZCS and ZVS

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Fertilizer Technology

Paper Code: CHE 704 D



Types of fertilizers and their uses, Production and consumption pattern, Raw materials, Mini and large plants their merits and demerits, Symbiosis, Different nitrogen fixation Processes, Nitrogen cycle in the nature, Different nutrient of the soil and their removal, Status of ammonia production, Synthesis gas by reforming hydrocarbons from natural gas and naptha. Consideration for primary reformer design, Secondary reforming design and operation, Synthesis gas by partial Oxidation of hydro-carbons, Reactor volume calculation, Sources of hydrogen, Gas purification, Shift reactor design, Methods for removal of carbon dioxide, Carbon dioxide absorber design, ammonia synthesis, Kinetics and catalysis, Urea superphosphate and other fertilizers.



Text Books / References:

  1. A Text Book of Chemical Technology: S. O. Shukla and G. N. Pandey.
  2. Chemistry and Technology of Fertilizer: Sanchilli, V. Reinhot Pub. Co.
  3. Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology: Kirk and Othmer, Wiley.






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