WBCS Exam Main Compulsory Question Paper IV-2014 [General Studies-II]

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WBCS Exam Main Compulsory Question Paper - 2014 [General Studies -II]

[ Paper - IV ]

1.  Newton's third law gives directly the law of conservation of

(A) Momentum        (B) Energy        (C) Angular Momentum        (D) Power


2.  In human beings, the number of chromosomes in an ordinary cell is

(A) 46      (B) 48      (C) 50      (D) 52


3.  In a right angled isosceles triangle, the angles that the two equal sides make with the hypotenuse is

(A) 30°       (B) 45°       (C) 60°       (D) 90°


4.  An amount of Rs. 10000 is kept in a bank at 10% annual compound interest. After 2 years, the interest will be

(A) Rs. 2000        (B)  Rs. 2050       (C)  Rs. 2100        (D) Rs. 2200


5.  The two satellites of Mars are

(A) Io and Europa       (B) Ganymede and Callisto       (C) Titan and Charon       (D) Phobos and Deimos


6.  The reaction that takes place inside the Sun to power it is

(A) Fission        (B) Fusion        (C) Oxidation        (D) Decay


7.  A body, falling freely from rest, covers a distance of 4m in the first second. The acceleration due to gravity at that place is

(A) 10.0m/sec2       (B) 9.8m/sec2         (C) 8.0m/sec2        (D) 7.5 m/sec2


8.  ABC and DEF are two similar triangles. If ABC has an area of 100 cm2 and if AB : DE = 2 : 1, then the area of DEF is

(A) 25 cm2       (B) 50 cm2        (C) 200 cm2       (D) 400 cm2


9.  The continent where modern, man originated is

(A) Asia        (B) Europe        (C) South America        (D) Africa


10.  Islets of Langerhans are responsible for the secretion of

(A) testosterone        (B) oestrogens        (C) insulin         (D) progesterone


11.  The wave length of visible light lies between

(A) 200 - 400 nm.       (B) 400 - 700 nm.        (C) 700 - 1000 nm.      (D)  1000- 2000 nm.


12.  Naphthalene has the formula

(A) C6H6        (B) C10H5       (C) C12H10       (D) C12H12


13.  If the Earth-Sun distance is increased by a factor of four, the length of the year will increase approximately by a factor of

(A) Two        (B) Four        (C) Eight        (D) Sixteen


14.  The pair of equations ax + by = c,  2ax + 2by = 2c + d, where none of the constants a, b, c, d are zero, has

(A) a unique solution       (B) no solution       (C) two solutions       (D) an Infinite number of solutions


15.  The following substance is not an oxidizing agent

(A) Ozone       (B) Chloride        (C) Potassium        (D) Fluorine


16.  The blood cells that defend the body against infections are

(A) white blood cells       (B) red blood cells        (C) platelets       (D) erythrocytes


17.  The following is an example of a marsupial

(A) Whale       (B) Bat       (C) Mole        (D) Kangaroo


18.  Given that X > Y and Y < Z, the Mowing statement is true.

(A) X > -Y and -Y ≥ - Z     (B)   -X < Y and - Y ≥ - Z      (C)  - X < - Y ≤ - Z       (D)  - X < - Y ≥ - Z


19.  An equation a0 + a1x1 + a2x2 + ... + anxn = 0 where an ≠ 0, has

(A) no root        (B) n - 1 roots        (C) n roots        (D) n + 1 roots


20.  The most electronegative among the elements sodium, potassium, oxygen and fluorine is

(A) sodium        (B) potassium        (C) oxygen       (D) fluorine


21.  The technique of barium X-ray utilizes the following property of barium sulphate

(A) It is opaque to X-rays       (B) It is radioactive

(C) It is transparent to X-rays        (D) It is easily absorbed by tissues


22.  The technique of MRI uses the phenomenon of

(A) Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

(B) Electron Cyclotron Resonance

(C) Optical Resonance

(D) Microwave Resonance


23.  In Bt Cotton, Bt stands for

(A) Bacillus thermoglucosidasius       (B) Bacillus thuringiensis
(C) Bacterium tenericutes        (D) Terminator Bacteria


24.  In computers, the storage medium which cannot usually be modified is known as

(A) ROM         (B) RAM        (C) Hard disk       (D) Flash drive


25.  The acronym CCD stands for

(A) charge coupled device       (B) control circuit device
(C) credit card device       (D) configuration control device


26.  The gas that India's Mars Mission is looking for as evidence of life is

(A) oxygen       (B) methane        (C) carbon dioxide       (D) sulphur dioxide


27.  A terminator gene in an organism

(A) kills the organism        (B) switches off metabolism

(C) makes the organism sterile        (D) terminates all protein pathways


28.  A magic bullet is a

(A) bullet that kills a person magically

(B) drug that selectively targets a disease without other effects

(C) guided missile

(D) high magnification microscope


29.  One tree which yields biodiesel is

(A) jatropha        (B) teak       (C) rubber      (D) sal


30.  The basic molecule bmds with other molecules to form a polymer is called

(A) macromolecule        (B) monomolecule        (C) monomer        (D) monolith


31.  Greenhouse gases emit and absorb radiation within the
(A) microwave region       (B) infrared region       (C) visible region      (D) ultra violet region


32.  Microwave ovens heat water in food because

(A) water is a polar molecule

(B) the heat capacity of water is high

(C) water flows easily

(D) water molecule is small


33.  The gas used in refrigerators that destroys the ozone layer is

(A) ammonia        (B) chlorofiuorocarbon        (C) nitrous oxide     (D) methane


34.  The abbreviation 'http' stands for

(A) HTML Transfer Technology Process

(B) Hyperspase Terms and Tech Protocol

(C) Hyperspace Techniques Tech Progress

(D) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol


35.  The following is not a programming language

(A) C++        (B) JAVA       (C) Office Suite       (D) Fortran


36.  The half life period of an isotope is 2 hours. After 6 hours the fraction of the initial quantity of the isotope left behind will be

(A) 1/6        (B) 1/8        (C) 1/12       (D) 1/16


37.  The number of bits in a byte is

(A) 2       (B) 4       (C) 8       (D)  16


38. The mode in which a digital adder involving logic gates add data is

(A) binary        (B) octal       (C) decimal        (D) hexadecimal


39.  Epoxy resins are used as

(A) detergents        (B) insecticides        (C) adhesives       (D) moth repellents


40.  The book 'Silent Spring' written by Rachel Carson described the detrimental effects of

(A) chemical fertilizers      (B) deforestation       (C) chemical pesticides       (D) green house gases


41.  Which line demarcates the coastal area of Bay of West Bengal ?

(A) High Tide Line       (B) Dampier & Hodge's line       (C) Line of Gangetic Delta       (D) Low Tide Line


42.  Name the turtle which rests within West Bengal sea coasts

(A) Batagurbusca

(B) Indian Soft Shelled Gangetic Turtle

(C) Indian Flap Shelled Turtle

(D) Olive Ridley


43.  For which mangrove species maximum sweet water influx is required ?                                             t

(A) Keora         (B)  Sundari         (C) Kantra        (D) Goran


44.  Black panther is a

(A) Panther        (B) Jaguar        (C) Tiger        (D) Leopard


45.  Which of the following Tiger Reserves is called Kingfishers' Paradise ?

(A) Buxa         (B) Corbett         (C) Sundarban         (D) Kaziranga


46.  World Environment Day is on

(A) 5th September         (B) 5th June         (C)  15th September          (D) 15th June


47.  Depletion of ozone layer increases the incidence of

(A) Blood cancer         (B) Lung cancer         (C) Skin cancer        (D) Brain cancer


48.  How many biodiversity rich centres are there in India ?

(A) 1       (B) 2       (C) 12       (D) More than 12


49.  Hot spots are areas with

(A) Low diversity        (B) High diversity        (C) Genetic diversity        (D) Ecological diversity 


50.  An estuary is a

(A) Body of water

(B) coastal body of water

(C) semiclosed coastal body of water   

(D) water body of lake


51.  Which gas caused industrial disaster in Bhopal in December, 1984

(A) Oleum          (B) Fuel         (G) MIC        (D) Methylamine


52.  Natural source of O2 in environment is

(A) Respiration        (B) Transpiration         (C) Photosynthesis        (D) Combustion


53.  The depth of water of Wet Land does not exceed

(A) 6 meters         (B) 10 meters         (C) 6 feet         (D) 10 feet


54.  To control the Global warming we should control the use of

(A) fossil fuel        (B) Renewable energy        (C) Solar energy       (D) atomic energy


55.  Blackfoot disease is caused by which pollutant ?

(A) Mercury         (B) Arsenic          (C) Copper          (D) Iron


56.  Which movement is related with Forest protection ?

(A) Chipko movement        

(b) Narmada Banchao movement

(c) Narmada Dam movement

(d) Green Bench


57.  Which bird is highly threatened by PCS ?

(A) Sparrow        (B)  Dove        (C) Ostrich       (D) Penguin


58.  Minamata disease is caused by which metal contamination ?

(A) Zinc       (B) Lead        (C) Copper       (D) Mercury


59.  Contamination of which metal with soil makes it hard for trees to take up water ?

(A) Aluminium        (B) Magnesium         (C) Copper        (D) Zinc


60.  Which ocean is involved with the emergence of the La Nina climate pattern ?

(A) The global ocean         (B) The Pacific ocean         (C) The Atlantic ocean        (D) The Indian ocean


61.  Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was born in the year

(A) 1897        (B)  1898         (C) 1902        (D) None of the above


62.  The discovery of jumping genes is associated with the name of

(A) Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose

(B) Sir J. B. S. Haldane

(C) Dr. Barbara Mcklintock

(D) M. S. Swaminathan


63.  Amartya Sen was awarded Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic sciences for his contributions to

(A) Growth economies        (B) Social choice theory 

(C) Welfare economics        (D) Financial economics  


64.  Albert Einstein was awarded Nobel Prize for his work on

(a) General theory of relativity

(b) Special theory of relativity

(C) Quantum physics

(D) Theory of photo electricity


65.  The battle of Waterloo took place in the year

(A) 1852        (B) 1815        (C) 1820        (D) 1821


66.  Sigmund Freud's name is associated with

(A) chemistry        (B) psychology         (C) physiology         (D) painting


67.  The headquarters of the Tibetan Government in exile are located in

(A) Darjeeling          (B) Dharmashala         (C) New Delhi         (D) Shimla


68.  The University of Calcutta was established in the year

(A) 1857        (B) 1865         (C) 1885        (D) 1898


69.  The art work 'The Last Supper' was painted by

(A) Salvador Dali        (B) Pablo Picaso         (C) Nandalal Bose       (D) Leonardo da Vinci


70. DNA was discovered by

(A) Hargovind Khorana

(B) James Watson and Francis Crick

(C) Francis Crick and Alexander Fleming

(D) James Watson and Hargovind Khorana

71.  India won its first gold in summer Olympic hockey in

(A) 1928 Amsterdam Olympics

(B) 1932 Los Angeles Olympics        

(C) 1936 Berlin Olympics

(D) 1948 London Olympics


72.  M. S. Subhalakshmi was a noted

(A) Painter         (B) Educationist        (C) Politician       (D) Singer


73.  Ferguson college is located in

(A) Mumbai        (B) Nagpur        (C) Pune        (D) Delhi


74.  Uber cup is associated with

(A) Tennis         (B) Badminton         (C) Squash         (D) Golf


75.  The European Union Parliament holds its sessions in

(A) Brussels and Strassbourg         (B) Brussels         (C) Strassbourg        (DJ Strassbourg and Paris


76.  The highest literary award in India is

(A) Jnanpeeth       (B) Bharat Ratna       (C) Rabindra Puraskar      (D) Sahitya Academy Award


77.  Of the following political personalities who was not assassinated ?

(A) Abraham Lincoln       (B)  John F. Kennedy       (C) Adolf Hitler       (D) Olaf Palme


78.  Stephen Hawking is famous for his contributions

(A) Nuclear Physics       (B) Quantum theory       (C) String theory       (D) Astrophysics


79.  The Palk Strait lies between

(A) India and Sri Lanka

(B) India and Pakistan

(C) Sri Lanka and Maldives

(D) India and Bangladesh


80.  The Reserve Bank of India was established in the year

(A) 1951        (B) 1950        (C) 1935        (D) 1926


81.  Warsaw convention (1929) is related to

(A) Expansion of trade and commerce among erstwhile communist states

(B) Aviation sector

(C) Sports and games

(D) Sea transport


82.  Ramsar convention (1971) is related to protection of

(A) national monuments        (B) wetlands         (C) national parks and forests        (D) coral reefs


83.  Article 280 of the constitution of India deals with

(A) Election Commission       (B) Planning Commission

(C) Finance Commission       (D) Comptroller and Auditor General


84.  President's rule may be promulgated in an Indian state under

(A) Article 243        (B) Article 298        (C) Article 356        (D) Article 370


85.  The first Lok Sabha speaker in free India was

(A) S. Radhakrishnan       (B) Samar Sen        (C) Radhabinod Pal       (D) G. V. Mavalankar


86.  Which of the following uranium isotopes is mostly used in nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons ?

(A) Uranium-232        (B) Uranium-234        (C) Uranium-235       (D) Uranium -238


87.  MRI stands for

(A) Magnetic Resonance Imaging

(B) Magnetic Reflection Imaging

(C) Machine Readable Imaging

(D) Mechanical Reading Instrument


88.  The number of banks nationalized by the Government of India in 1969 was

(A) 4       (B) 11       (C) 14       (D) 20 


89.  The Bamiyan Buddhas were located in

(A) Iran        (B) Afganistan         (C) Nepal         (D) Sri Lanka


90.  Rumtek Monastery is located in

(A) Sikkim        (B) Himachal Pradesh         (C) Jammu and Kashmir        (D) Tibet


91.  'Deshikottama' award is conferred by

(A) University of Calcutta

(B) Visva Bharati University

(C) Rabindra Bharati University

(D) Benaras Hindu University


92.  Jadugoda mine is famous for

(A) Silver       (B) Zinc       (C) Uranium        (D) Mica


93.  Who is brand ambassador of Gujarat Tourism ?

(A) Sachin Tendulkar        (B) Amitabh Bachhan        (C) Shahrukh Khan       (D) Narendra Modi


94.  Which of the following cities is considered as India's diamond city ?

(A) Mumbai        (B) Surat       (C) Jaipur      (D) Hyderabad


95.  The venue of the 2014 World Chess Championship Final was

(A) Chennai       (B) Manila        (C) Sochi        (D) Oslo


96.  Fortaleza Declaration and Action Plan was taken during

(A) BRICS Summit (2014)

(B) G-8 Summit (2012)

(C) G-20 Summit (2013)

(D) Commonwealth Heads of Government Summit (2014)


97.  Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) was formed in

(A) 1960       (B) 1967       (C) 1979        (D) 1991


98.  With which sport is Cara Black associated ?

(A) Shooting         (B) Table Tennis        (C) Tennis        (D) Cricket


99.  Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai is a national of

(A) Afganistan        (B) Syria        (C) Iran        (D) Iraq


100.  28th June, 1914 is important date as on that day

(A) The Titanic ship sank

(B) The Jallianwala Bagh massacre took place

(C) Germany attacked France

(D) Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated



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