Digital Operations

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Code : M(CS) 301
Credits :2


Approximation in numerical computation: Truncation and rounding errors, Fixed and floating-point arithmetic, Propagation of errors.
Interpolation: Newton forward/backward interpolation, Lagrange’s and Newton’s divided difference Interpolation.
Numerical integration: Trapezoidal rule, Simpson’s 1/3 rule, Expression for corresponding error terms.

Numerical solution of a system of linear equations:
Gauss elimination method, Matrix inversion, LU Factorization method, Gauss-Seidel iterative method.

Numerical solution of Algebraic equation: Bisection method, Regula-Falsi method, Newton-Raphson method.
Numerical solution of ordinary differential equation: Euler’s method, Runge-Kutta methods, Predictor-Corrector methods and Finite Difference method.


Text Books:

  • 1. C.Xavier: C Language and Numerical Methods.
  • 2. Dutta & Jana: Introductory Numerical Analysis.
  • 3. J.B.Scarborough: Numerical Mathematical Analysis.
  • 4. Jain, Iyengar , & Jain: Numerical Methods (Problems and Solution).


  • 1. Balagurusamy: Numerical Methods, Scitech.
  • 2. Baburam: Numerical Methods, Pearson Education.
  • 3. N. Dutta: Computer Programming & Numerical Analysis, Universities Press.
  • 4. Soumen Guha & Rajesh Srivastava: Numerical Methods, OUP.
  • 5. Srimanta Pal: Numerical Methods, OUP.

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