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Basic Computation and Principles of Computer Programming
Code: CS 201
Credits: 4


Fundamentals of Computer:
History of Computer, Generation of Computer, Classification of Computers
Basic Anatomy of Computer System, Primary & Secondary Memory, Processing Unit, Input & Output devices
Binary & Allied number systems representation of signed and unsigned numbers. BCD, ASII. Binary Arithmetic and logic gates
Assembly language, high level language, compiler and assembler (basic concepts)
Basic concepts of operating systems like MS DOS, MS WINDOW, UNIX, Algorithm and flow chart

C Fundamentals:
The C character set identifiers and keywords, data type & sizes, variable names, declaration, statements
Operators & Expressions:
Arithmetic operators, relational and logical operators, type, conversion, increment and decrement operators, bit wise operators, assignment operators and expressions, precedence and order of evaluation.
Input and Output: Standard input and output, formatted output -- printf, formatted input scanf.

Flow of Control:
Statement and blocks, if - else, switch, loops - while, for do while, break and continue, go to and labels

Fundamentals and Program Structures:
Basic of functions, function types, functions returning values, functions not returning values, auto, external, static and register variables, scope rules, recursion, function prototypes, C preprocessor, command line arguments.

Arrays and Pointers:
One dimensional arrays, pointers and functions, multidimensional arrays.

Structures Union and Files:
Basic of structures, structures and functions, arrays of structures, bit fields, formatted and unformatted files.



Recommended reference Books:
Introduction To Computing (TMH WBUT Series), E. Balagurusamy,TMH

  • Kerninghan, B.W. The Elements of Programming Style
  • Yourdon, E. Techniques of Program Structures and Design
  • Schied F.S. Theory and Problems of Computers and Programming
  • Gottfried Programming with C Schaum
  • Kerninghan B.W. & Ritchie D.M. The C Programming Language
  • Rajaraman V. Fundamental of Computers
  • Balaguruswamy Programming in C
  • Kanetkar Y. Let us C
  • M.M.Oka Computer Fundamentals,EPH



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