Stability of Systems Modelled in State Variable Form

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Material of Construction

Bricks: Classification, Characteristics of good bricks, Ingredients of good brick earth, Harmful substance in brick Earth, Different forms of bricks, Testing of bricks as per BIS. Defects of bricks.

Aggregates: Classification, Characteristics, Deleterious substances, Soundness, Alkali – aggregates reaction, Fine aggregates, Coarse aggregates, Testing of aggregates
Lime: Impurities in limestone, Classification, Slaking and hydration, Hardening, Testing, Storage, Handling Cement & Concrete:
Cement: OPC: Composition, PPC, Slag cement, Hydration, setting time
Concrete: Types, ingredients, W/C ratio, Workability, Different grades in cement concrete, Tests on cement concrete

Mortars: Classification, Uses, Characteristics of good mortar, Ingredients. Cement mortar, Lime mortar, Lime cement mortar, special mortars

Wood and Wood Products: Classification of Timber, Structure, Characteristics of good timber, Seasoning of timber, Defects in Timber, Diseases of timber, Decay of Timber, Preservation of Timber Testing of Timber, Veneers , Plywood, Fibre Boards, Particle Boards, Chip Boards , Black Boards, Button Board and Laminated Boards, Applications of wood and wood products Paints, Enamels and Varnishes: Composition of oil paint, characteristic of an ideal paint, preparation of paint, covering power of paints, Painting: Plastered surfaces, painting wood surfaces, painting metal Surfaces. Defects, Effect of weather, enamels, distemper, water wash and colour wash, Varnish , French Polish, Wax Polish
Miscellaneous Materials: Gypsum: Classification, Plaster of Paris, Gypsum wall Plasters,
Gypsum Plaster Boards, Adhesives, Heat and sound insulating materials, Geo-synthetics


Building Construction

Foundations: Function of Foundations, Essential requirement of good foundation, Different types of shallow and deep Foundations
Brick masonry: Definitions, Rules for bonding, Type of bonds – stretcher bond, Header bond, English bond, Flemish Bond, Comparison of English Bond and Flemish Bond (one and one and half brick thick wall)
Wall, Doors and Windows: Load bearing wall, Partition wall, Reinforced brick wall Common types of doors and windows of timber and metal
Stairs: Technical Terms, Requirements of good stair, Dimension of steps, Classification, Geometric design of a dog legged stair case
Flooring: Components of a floor, selection of flooring materials, Brick flooring, Cement concrete flooring, mosaic, marble, Terrazzo flooring, Tiled roofing
Plastering and Pointing: Plastering with cement mortar, Defects in plastering, pointing, white washing, colour washing, Distempering,
Roofs: Types, Pitched roofs and their sketches, Lean – to roof, King Post – Truss, Queen post truss and Simple steel Truss , Roof Covering materials: AC sheets GI sheet




1 1. Building Materials S.K. Duggal
2 2. Building Materials P.C. Varghese PHI
3 Engineering Materials S.C. Rangwala
4 Concrete Technology M. S. Shetty
5 Concrete Technology[ A.M. Nevile & J.J. Brooks Pearson Education
6 Building Construction B.C. Punmia
7 Building Construction and Foundation Engineering Jha and Sinha



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