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Environmental Engineering
Code : CE 701
Credits- 3

Module 1 : Water Demand

Water demands; Per capita demand; Variations in demand; Factors affecting demand;Design period; Population forecasting

Module 2 : Sources of Water

Surface water sources; ground water sources

Module 3 : Water Quality

Impurities in water; Water quality parameters; Standards for potable water

Module 4 : Conveyance of water

Hydraulic design of pressurepipes

Module 5: Water Treatment

Typical flow chart for surface and ground water treatments; Aeration, Plain sedimentation, Sedimentation with coagulation, Water Softening, Filtration,Disinfection.

Module 6: Water Distribution

Analysis of distribution network;Storage and distribution reservoirs; Capacity of reservoirs

Module 7: Sewage and Drainage

Definition of Common Terms, Quantity estimation for sanitary sewage and storm sewage

Module 8: Sewer Design

Hydraulic design of sewers, Partial flow diagrams and Nomograms

Module 9: Wastewater Characteristics

Physical, chemical and biological characteristics, DO, BOD and COD

Module 10: Wastewater Treatment
Typical flow chart for wastewater treatment; Primary Treatments; Secondary Treatments: Activated Sludge Process, Trickling Filter Process, Septic Tank


References book:

  1. Environmental Engineering by S.K .Garg, Khanna Publishers
  2. Water Supply, Waste Disposal and Environmental Pollution Engineering, by A.K.Chatterjee, Khanna Publishers
  3. Environmental Engineering, Vol.II, by P. N. Modi
  4. Environmental Modelling, by Rajagopalan, Oxford University Press.
  5. Environmental Engineering by P. V. Rowe , TMH

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