Class XI: Geography Study Reference

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Syllabus for Economics [Class XI]

Unit : 1 Economics as a Social Science with special emphasis on human development. Unit : 2 Man-Nature interaction as the basis for environmental sustainability.

Class XI: Economics Study Reference

Class XI: Economics Study Reference

Syllabus for Education [Class XI]

EDUCATION CLASS-XI (Full Marks 100) 1. Definitions of Education : General views in respect of definitions of education Education as a process and a product.

Syllabus for Computer Application [Class XI]

Theoretical (Full Marks : 70) Practical Paper Full Marks: 30 Brief Review of Computer Hardware: History of Computer, Computer Generations, Developments in Computer Technology

Syllabus for Environmental Education [Class XI]

(Full Marks—100) 1. Man and Environment, 2. Environment and Development, 3. Environmental Pollution and Global Issues, 4. Energy. 5. Biodiversity, 6. Environmental Management,