WBCS Main Exam Compulsory Question Paper IV-2016 [General Studies-II]

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WBCS Examination Main Compulsory Paper IV - 2016 [General Studies-II]

1. Which one of the following internet protocol version is the most deployed internet layer protocal ?

    (A) IPV2        (B) IPV4         (C) IPV6       (D) IPV8

2. Which one of the following is the web search engine ?

    (A) Aliweb        (B) Jughead        (C) Baidu         (D) All of these

3. Which one of the following persons invented the world's first digital and programmable robot ?

    (A) George Devel       (B) Hisashige Tanaka        (C) Korel Capek       (D) Joseph Engel Berger

4. Spam is related to -

    (A) Computer        (B) Art        (C) Music       (D) Game

5. Junk e-mail is also called -

    (A) Spoof         (B) Spool        (C) Sniffer Script        (D) Spam

6. Which one of the following is a set of program instruction that can attach itself to a file, reproduces itself and spread to other file ?

    (A) Computer worm         (B) Computer virus         (C) Trojan horse        (D) Phising Scam

7. Which one of the following is the most common picking device of the graphic application ?

    (A) Graphic tablet        (B) Joystick        (C) Mouse        (D) Light Pen

8. The electrical circuits used to get smooth D.C. output from a rectified circuit is called -

    (A) amplifier        (B) filter       (C) oscillator         (D) full wave rectifier

9. The frequency band used for radar relay system and television is -

    (A) VLF       (B) UHF        (C) VHF       (D) EHF

10. Which of the following satellites is used in ship to shore, shore to shore and shore to ship communication ?

      (A) Marisat        (B) Comsat        (C) Telestar        (D) Intelsat

11. Which one among the following has the highest energy ?

      (A) Blue light        (B) Green light        (C) Red light        (D) Yellow light

12. Cylindrical lens is used by a person suffering from -

      (A) astigmatism        (B) myopia         (C) hypermetropia         (D) pres biopia

13. To an observer on the lunar surface, during the day time the sky will appear to be -

      (A) light yellow        (B) orange        (C) blue         (D) black

14. What is viewed through an electron microscope ?

       (A) Electrons and other elementary particles

       (B) Structure of bacteria and viruses

       (C) Inside of human stomach

       (D) Inside of the human eye

15. When viewed In white light, soap bubbles show colours because of -

      (A) scattering        (B) diffraction         (C) interference         (D) dispersion

16. In electric supply lines in India, which parameter is kept constant ?

      (A) Voltage       (B) Current        (C) Frequency        (D) Power

17. What is the most commonly used substance in fluorescent tubes ?

      (A) Sodium oxide and argon

      (B) Sodium vapour and neon

      (C) Mercury vapour and argon

      (D) Mercury oxide and neon

18. Which one of the following is printed on a commonly used fluorescent tube light ?

      (A) 220 K       (B) 275 K        (C)  6500 K        (D) 9000 K

19. Electricians use rubber glaves while working  because -

      (A) rubber is a good conducter

      (B) rubber is an insulator

      (C) it is easy to work while wearing gloves

      (D) None of the above

20. Which type / types of pen uses / use capillary action in addition to gravity for flow of ink ?

      (A) Fountain pen       (B) Ball point pen       (C)  Gel pen       (D) Both ball point and gel pens

21. Parsec is a measure of -

      (A) brightness of heavenly bodies

      (B) density of the earth

      (C) orbital velocity of the stars

      (D) astronomical distance

22. Which of the following is the first state in India to have 3G services of Telecommunication ?

      (A) Maharashtra       (B) Bihar       (C) Uttar Pradesh      (D) Andhra Pradesh

23. WIMAX is related to which one of the following ?

      (A) Biotechnology      (B) Space Technology      (C) Missile Technology      (D) Communication Technology

24. Which of the following is not the term of Information Technology ?

      (A) Cyber Space        (B) Upload       (C) Modem        (D) Light Storage

25. Which of the following countries firstly deployed 4G system of mobile telecommunication in world ?

      (A) South Korea       (B) Japan       (C) United States       (D) England

26. Which of the following Persons discovered the gamma rays ?

      (A) Paul Villard        (B) Marie Curie        (C) J. J. Thompson      (D) Adam Osborne

27. Confirmation of the presence of Higgs Boson will justify -

      (A) both the standard model and superstring theory

      (B) the unification of all the four fundamental forces

      (C) the steady state model of the universe

      (D) the mass of the fundamental particles

28. A gas is enclosed in a container which is then placed on a fast moving train. The temperature of the gas -

      (A) falls       (B) rises        (C) remains unchanged       (D) becomes unsteady

29. When red glass is heated in dark room it will seem -

      (A) green        (B) purple        (C) black        (D) yellow

30. A refrigerator, with its power on, is kept in closed room with its door open. The temperature of the room will -

      (A) fall         (B) rise        (C) remain the same        (D) None of these

31. Cocking taken longest time -

      (A) at Shimia        (B) at Mt. Everest        (C) at the sea level        (D) None of these

32. What is the function of the microsoft office world ?

      (A) An operating system

      (B) A downloading application software

      (C) A word processing software

      (D) An input device

33. Which one of the following computer operating system (OS) is the most commonly used in the Top- 500  super computers of the world ?

      (A) Unix OS        (B) Linux OS        (C) Lisa OS        (D) Mac OS

34. Which one of the following application is commonly used to prepare a presentation or slide show ?

      (A) Photoshop        (B) Powerpoint        (C) Internet explorer       (D) Outlook express

35. Which one of the following discs is used to cold boot a computer ?

      (A) Set up disc       (B) Program disc       (C) Diagonostic disc      (D) System disc

36. Long distance short wave radio broadcasting uses -

      (A) Direct wave       (B) Sky wave       (C) Ionospheric wave       (D) Ground wave

37. Which one of the following devices has installed Wi-Fi devices in its system ?

      (A) Smartphone       (B) Video Game consoles       (C) Computer Printers     (D) All of these

38. Which of the following Television display is working on the principle of semiconductor ?

      (A) Plasma display       (B) Liquid Crystal display      (C) Light emitting diode display       (D) None of these

39. Who had coined the term television at the firs International Electricity congress held in Paris ?

      (A) Paul Nipkow        (B) Constantin Perskyi       (C) J J Thompson       (D) Henry Patrick

40. Which one of the following sold the world's first mobile television MTV-1 ?

      (A) Clive Sinclair       (B) George Shapiro        (C) Clive Clinton       (D) William Gladstone

41. LEC or Light Emitting Electrochemical Cell is a differed mode of operation of —

      (A) LEDS         (B) CRTS         (C) LCDS          (D) OLEDS

42. From which of the following GSM technologies, the LTE ( Long Term Evolution) is made to the enhancement of telecommunication ?

      (A) Wi Man         (B) CDMA        (C) UMTS         (D) HSDPA

43. Which of the following electromagnetic waves is used by the Bluetooth to exchange data over short distances ?

      (A) Microwaves        (B) Radio Waves         (C) X-rays        (D) UV-rays

44. Which of the following companies launched the 3G mobile telecommunication for the first time in the world ?

      (A) Nextle in the United States

      (B) NTT DoCoMo (Japan)

      (C) Telus Mobility (Canada)

      (D) Bharati Airtel in India

45. Which of the following is the web browser ?

      (A) Google Chrome         (B) Safari        (C) Opera         (D) All of these

46. Intelsat satellite is used for -

      (A) radar communication 

      (B) radio communication

      (C) Intercontenental communication

      (D) None of the above

47. In nuclear reaction, there is conservation of-

      (A) energy only        (B) momentum only        (C) mass, energy and momentum        (D) mass only

48. Modem is a device used for -

      (A) converting analog signals to digital signals

      (B) modulating signals

      (C) Either of the above

      (D) None of the above

49. Particles which can be added to the nucleus of atom without changing its chemical properties are —

      (A) electron         (B) protons        (C) neutrons         (D) α-particles

50. The mass-energy relation is the outcome of -

      (A) quantum theory

      (B) general theory of relativity

      (C) field theory of relativity

      (D) special theory of relativity

51. Who firstly demonstrated experimentally the existence of electromagnetic waves ?

      (A) Hertz        (B) Romar         (C) Marconi        (D) Maxwell

52. The currency of Indonesia is -

      (A) Rupiah        (B) Dinar       (C) Ringgit       (D) Riyal

53. Silica in amorphous form is used in -

      (A) photovoltaic cell        (B) conductivity cell       (C) standard hydrogen electrode       (D) None of these

54. On 6th January 2016, the National Human Rights Commission issued a notice to a particular state on the reported deplorable conditions prevailing in the prisons of that state. Which state was it ?

      (A) Gujarat        (B) Jharkand         (C) Panjab        (D) Bihar

55. The SAFF cup is  related to which sports ?

      (A) Cricket        (B) Volleyball         (C) Football         (D) Hockey

56. Which one of the following displays is not the volatile television display ?

      (A) Plasma       (B) Liquid Crystal Display       (C) Organic light Emitting Diode       (D) Cholesteric Display

57. Fat can be separated from milk in a cream separator because of

      (A) cohesive force        (B) gravitational force       (C) centripetal force       (D) centrifugal force

58. Which one of the following computers is the world's first commercial computer ?

      (A) Feffanti Mark-1         (B) Mark-1 star        (C) UNIVAC-1        (D) IBM-704

59. The name of Kunjarani Devi is associated with -

      (A) Weight lifting        (B) Target shooting         (C) Swimming        (D) Archery

60. The Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary is in -

      (A) Odisha         (B) Madhya Pradesh         (C) Rajasthan         (D) Assam

61. Sanjay Dutt, the noted film actor, had been detained under which Act ?

      (A) TADA        (B) IPC-Section 302       (C) Anti-Defection Act       (D) Narcotics Act

62. Who is the Director of the film 'Chatushkon' ?

      (A) Mrinal Sen       (B) Aparna Sen        (C) Srijit Mukherji        (D) Anjan Ghosh

63. What frequency range of EM waves are used for commercial FM radio ?

      (A) 88 MHz to 108 MHz      (B) 88 GHz to 108 GHz     (C) 88 kHz to 108 kHz      (D) None of these

64  In the Arjuna Award Winners 2015 List, Babita Kumari was awarded for -

      (A) Wrestling       (B) Rowing        (C) Kabadi        (D) Shooting

65. Which of the following states is the largest in the USA in terms of land area ?

      (A) Alaska        (B) Arizona        (C) Nevada        (D) Texas

66. Which of the following is not a main organ of the U.N.?

      (A) General Assembly

      (B) Security Council

      (C) International Court of Justice

      (D) International Labour Organization

67. Which of the following is a closed system ?

      (A) Jet engine      (B) Tea placed in steel kettle      (C) Pressure cooker      (D) Rocket engine during propulsion

68. Who, among the following, was the Prime Minister when Panchayets were given constitutional status in India ?

      (A) Indira Gandhi       (B) V. P. Singh        (C) P. V. Narsimha Rao      (D) Rajiv Gandhi

69. The number of unpaired electrons in Mn2+ is -

      (A) 1        (B) 3         (C) 4         (D) 5

70. If the earth was stop rotating, the value of 'g' -

      (A) Increases         (B) decreases        (C) remain unchanged        (D) becomes zero

71. Michael O Dwyer, who had been Governor of Punjub in colonial India at the time of the Amritsar massacre in 1919, was shot dead in 1940, by -

      (A) Udham Singh        (B) Balbir Singh        (D) Rajendra Singh        (D) Jaipal Singh

72. The Government of India conducted Operation Raahat to evacuate Indians in 2015 from -

      (A) Yemen        (B) Myanmar        (C) Bangladesh       (D) Nepal

73. The 2015 Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development is awarded to -

       (A) UNHCR        (B) UNICEF        (C) UNESCO       (D) WHO

74. Which one of the following languages is not the scripting language ?

      (A) Java scripts         (B) Pytheon        (C) Perl        (D) Lisp

75, Who is referred to as the 'Father of SMS' ?

      (A) Jamie Lannister        (B) Ross Bolton       (C) Matti Makkonen       (D) None of them

76. The celsius temperature is a / an -

      (A) relative temperature

      (B) absolute temperature

      (C) specific temperature

      (D) approximate temperature

77. Weightlessness experienced in spaceship is due to

      (A) absence of inertia

      (B) absence of accelerating force

      (C) absence of gravity

      (D) free fall of the spaceship

78. A radioactive decay process has a half life of 4 yr. The amount of the reactant remaining after 12 yrs is

      (A) 10%         (B) 12.5%        (C) 25%        (D) 87.5%

79. The Almatti Dam is a hydroelectric project on the river -

       (A) Cauvery        (B) Krishna        (C) Ganges       (D) Godavari

80. Graham Green was associated with —

      (A) Science       (B) Painting       (C) Music       (D) Literature

81. Duma is the Parliament of

      (A) Russia         (B) Japan       (C) China        (D) Iran

82. The internal resistance of a dry cell is-

      (A) equal to that of electrolytic cell

      (B) smaller than that of electrolytic cell

      (C) higher than that of electrolytic cell

      (D) zero

83. Which of the following is the example of ideal black body ?

      (A) Blackboard       (B) Kajol       (C) A pin hole box       (D) None of the above

84. REM is a unit of -

      (A) radiation dosage       (B) binding energy       (C) packing fraction      (D) radioactivity

85. The working capital of the European Union is in -

      (A) Brussels        (B) London         (C) Paris         (D) Lisbon

86. The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court came into force in -

      (A) 2002        (B) 2005        (C) 2013        (D) 2014

87. When did Goa become a full-fledged state ?

      (A) 1977        (B) 1978        (C) 1980        (D) 1987

88. The social networking site 'Twitter' was launched in -

      (A) 2003         (B) 2004         (C) 2005        (D) 2006

89. Novak Djokovic is a famous player in the field of -

      (A) Tennis        (B) Cricket         (C) Carrom        (D) Table Tennis

90. Mira Nair is a noted -

      (A) Film maker        (B) Athlete        (C) Vocalist        (D) Scientist

91. Radioactive substance used in dating geological object is -

      (A) C - 12         (B) C - 11        (C) C - 14        (D) None of the above

92. The 2018 FIFA World Cup is scheduled to be hosted by :

      (A) Brazil        (B) Russia         (C) Belgium        (D) Spain

93. Which of the following organization's registration had been suspended by the Government of India for violation of FCRA ?

      (A) Ford Foundation       (B) Green Peace       (C) Amnesty International         (D) None of these

94. A famous painter amongst the following was -

      (A) Amrita Shergil        (B) V. Shantaram        (C) Mallika Sarabhai        (D) Uday Shankar

95. Entropy change of a system and its surroundings in equilibrium -

      (A) increases        (B) decrease       (C) remains constant      (D) either increases or decreases

96. Who is known as 'Periyar' ?

      (A) Narayana Guru        (B) E. V. Ramasami         (C) B. R. Ambedkar        (D) Jotirao Phule

97. The Dadasaheb Phalke Award, the highest award in India given to recognize the contribution of film personalities towards the development of Indian Cinema, was instituted in -

      (A) 1951        (B) 1963        (C) 1965        (D) 1969

98. Who is the father of Computer Science ?

      (A) Alam Turing       (B) Adam Osborne      (C) John Moore      (D) Neal Stephenson

99. Which country is called the 'Land of Thousand Lakes' ?

      (A) Finland        (B) Ireland        (C) Canada        (D) Australia

100. Ustad Ali Ahmad Hussain Khan, who passed away recently, wan as exponent of -

        (A) Shehnai         (B) Tabla        (C) Sitar        (D) Violin

101. World Wildlife Day is observed on -

        (A) March 3        (B) March 5        (C) March 8        (D) March 10

102. Tennis player Roger Federer hails from -

        (A) UK        (B) USA        (C) Switzerland         (D) Belgium

103. The patient is asked to drink barium sulphate (BaS04) for examining the stomach by X-rays because X-rays are

        (A) less absorbed by heavy atoms

        (B) more absorbed by heavy atoms

        (C) reflected by heavy atoms

        (D) refracted by heavy atoms

104. A small and a large rain drops are falling through air -

        (A) the small drop moves fasrer

        (B) the large drop moves faster

        (C) both moves with same speed

        (D) None of the above

105. If a bomb dropped from an air plane explodes in mid air -

        (A) its KE increases

        (B) its total energy increases

        (C) its total energy decreases

        (D) None of these

106. Who has created the high level programming language for the first time for computers ?

        (A) Konord Lorenz       (B) Konard Zuse        (C) Mario Johnson       (D) Henry Gladstone

107. Nights are cooler in the deserts than in the plain because —

        (A) sand radiate heat more quickly than the earth

        (B) the sky remains clear most of the time

        (C) sand absorbs heat quickly than the earth

        (D) None of the above

108. Which one of the following computer scientists firstly used the term 'bits' ?

        (A) George Jonhansen      (B) Cliff Berry      (C) John Atanassoff       (D) Claude E Shannon

109. Infosys is opening its first overseas campus in -

        (A) USA         (B) Japan          (C) Germany        (D) China

110. The Silent Valley Movement had taken place in -

        (A) Kerala       (B) Odisha        (C) Jharkhand        (D) Uttarakhand

111. The High Court at Calcutta, formerly called High Court of Judicature at Fort William, was established in -

        (A) 1859       (B) 1860       (C) 1862        (D) 1900

112. The maximum gap between two sessions of Parliament shall not be more than -

        (A) two months         (B) four months        (C) six months        (D) one year

113. The Man Booker International Prize 2016 has been won by South Korean author Han Kang for the book -

        (A) A General Theory of Oblivion      (B) A Whole Life      (C) The Vegetarian      (D) The Story of the Lost Child

114. Which of the following is used by the mountaineers and the pilots to measure pressure ?

        (A) Simple barometer       (B) Fortin's barometer        (C) Manometer        (D) Aneroid barometer

115. The Late Rajmata Vijaya Raje Scindia was the Maharani of -

        (A) Surat         (B) Bhopal          (C) Jaipur        (D) Gwalior

116. Raja Ravi Verma was a famous —

        (A) Athlete        (B) Artist        (C) Dancer       (D) Theatre personality

117. SANA is the news agency of -

        (A) Soudi Arabia        (B) United Arab Emirates        (C) Syria       (D) Yemen

118. Which one of the following is not radioactive ?

        (A) Astatine       (B) Francium        (C) Tritium        (D) Zirconium

119. The UN Security Council has how many members ?

        (A) 10        (B) 12       (C) 15        (D) 18

120. The initial structures of Agra Fort were built by -

        (A) Jahangir        (B) Shah Jahan        (C) Akbar        (D) Humayun

121. Which one of the following memories is not non-volatile computer memory ?

        (A) PRAM        (B) SRAM        (C) Flash Memory        (D) Bubble Memory

122. East Timor, which is the 191st member of the UN is located in the continent of -

        (A) Asia          (B) Africa         (C) Europe        (D) South America

123. 'Equus Caballus' is the scientific name of -

        (A) Cow         (B) Horse         (C) Cat         (D) Tiger

124. Red shifts is an illustration of -

        (A) high frequency absorption

        (B) low temperature emission

        (C) doppler effect

        (D) unknown phenomenon

125. What is the principle by which a cooling system (radiator) in a motor car works ?

        (A) Convection       (B) Conduction only       (C) Radiation only       (D) Both conduction and radiation

126. Hubbert curve denotes -

        (A) Global Biodiversity         (B) Global Oil Production 

       (C) Global Food Production      (D) Global Forest Cover

127. CNG is the other name of -

        (A) ethylene        (B) ethane        (C) methane         (D) acetylene

128. Fly ash contains -

        (A) Si        (B) Al       (C) Fe       (D) All of these

129. Which country has been declared by WHO as free of measles in July, 2016 ?

        (A) China         (B) Brazil         (C) Namibia         (D) Pakistan

130. Which state Government in India has decided to launch a scheme named 'Green Passage' for Orphan Students for promotion of higher studies for them ?

        (A) Bihar        (B) Gujarat        (C) Odisha        (D) Uttar Pradesh

131. Political activist, Jayaprakash Narayan, who was widely known as J. P., died in :

        (A) 1979        (B) 1981        (C) 1985       (D) 1986  

132. The 2nd World Internet Conference 2015 was hosted by :

        (A) Japan        (B) USA        (C) Germany        (D) China

133. On which date is World Tsunami Awareness day observed ?

        (A) October 20       (B) November 5       (C) November 10       (D) December 5

134. Which of the following books is written by Shashi Tharoor ?

        (A) Thoughts and Reflections

        (B) Beyond Survival

        (C) Standing Guard— a year in Opposition

        (D) Indian Shastra : Reflections on the nation in our time

135. The Jharana Khurd village suffered from the contamination of ground water with -

        (A) arsenic        (B) fluoride         (C) nickel         (D) copper

136. The Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana is a central government scheme in India to provide -

        (A) affordable homes for all

        (B) free LPG connections to BPL families

        (C) crop insurance scheme

        (D) electrification of all villages

137. When was the Imperial Bank of India nationalised to form the State Bank of India ?

        (A) 1947       (B) 1950        (C) 1952       (D) 1955

138. The Headquarter of NATO is in -

        (A) Brussels        (B) Bonn        (C) New York       (D) Hague

139. Tarun Bharat Sangh was established for water conservati in -

        (A) Gujarat        (B) Maharashtra        (C) Rajasthan        (D) Madhya Pradesh

140. Zero waste management was first successfully implemented at -

        (A) Vellore        (B) Chennai         (C) Bangaluru         (D) Mysore

141. The country that produces highest amount of wind energy is -

        (A) Netherland         (B) Sweden         (C) Denmark        (D) Belgium

142. In April, 2016 the Himachal Pradesh High Court issued notices to the Union and State Governments on issue of declaring which animal as vermin ?

        (A) Monkey        (B) Dog        (C) Cat       (D) Deer

143. Project 'Mausam' launched by India is June 2014 was presented to an international audience at the 38th session of World Heritage Committee held at -

        (A) Dubai        (B) Abu Dhabi        (C) Qatar       (D) Oman

144. Kalundborg model is followed in-

        (A) solid waste management

        (B) air pollution control

        (C) zero waste management

        (D) green technology

145. Average per capita municipal solid waste generated per day in India is upto -

        (A) 100g        (B) 200g        (C) 300g       (D) 500g

146. The Abyssal Zone is at a depth of -

        (A) 1000-2000 m       (B) 2000-4000 m        (C) 4000-6000 m       (D) 6000-8000 m

147. When, for the first time, was a 20 point economic programme announced by the Indian Prime Minister ?

        (A) 1971       (B) 1974        (C) 1975       (D) 1978

148. The Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve was mainly created to protect -

        (A) Coral reef        (B) Sea horses        (C) Sea cucumber       (D) All of the above

149. Bioplastic mostly is produced from -

        (A) bacteria       (B) algae        (C) fungi        (D) protozoa

150. Man and Biosphere program was undertaken in-

        (A) 1971       (B) 1973        (C) 1975        (D) 1980

151. Arabori Model is representing-

        (A) Social forestry       (B) Joint forestry       (C) Sustainable forestry      (D) Farm forestry

152. What is meant by disaster mitigation ?

        (A) Planning how to respond to a disaster

        (B) Returning the community to normal conditions

        (C) Taking immediate measures to save life and property

        (D) Minimizing the possible effects of a disaster

153. Hydrogen from sea water was first introduced-

        (A) Spain        (B) Italy        (C) Finland        (D) Iceland

154. Rasy Periwinkle gives the drug for -

        (A) malaria        (B) blood cancer       (C) hyper tension        (D) anaemia

155. The following is not a biosphere reserve in India-

        (A) Gulf of Mannar      (B) Nanda Devi        (C) Bhitarkonika        (D) Sundarbans

156. How many member states does the European Union have ?

        (A) 28        (B) 30       (C) 32        (D) 34

157. The Saraswati Samman Award 2014 was received by-

        (A) Veerappa Moily       (B) Govind Mishra        (C) S. L. Bhyrappa       (D) Surjit Paatar

158. The 2019 Asian Cup Games is to be hosted by-

        (A) India       (B) Ecuador       (C) United Arab Emirates       (D) Japan

159. WCED (World Commission on Environment and Development) report is also called-

        (A) On common enemy      (B) Silent Spring       (C) Our common goal       (D) Our common future

160. The Mangrove forest of India consitute what per cent of the tatal mangrove forest of the world ?

        (A) 5%        (B) 7%        (C) 10%        (D) 14%

161. In which year did the Euro, the currency of the European Union, come into existence ?

        (A) 1999       (B) 2000        (C) 2003       (D) 2005

162. On which river is the Tehri Dam built ?

        (A) Godavari       (B) Bhagirathi        (C) Indus       (D) Brahmaputra

163. Arkita is : 

        (A) A project of India in the Arctic Ocean

        (B) A unclear icebraker of Russia

        (C) A rescue ship of USA

        (D) None of the above

164. Luke Aikins is a-

        (A) Skydiver        (B) Sprinter          (C) Swimmer        (D) None of the above

165. The Constitution One Hundredth Amendment Act 2015 of India relates to -

        (A) Land Boundary Agreement with Bangladesh

        (B) Free compulsory education for children from 6 to 14 year

        (C) Disqualification of members of a House on Defection

        (D) Legislative procedure

166. Who was the first chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission ?

        (A) J. S. Verma       (B) A. S. Anand        (C) Ranganath Mishra       (D) H. L. Dattu

167. The direct and indirect water usage is called-

        (A) water indicator       (B) water usage       (C) water balance       (D) water footprint

168. The number of tsunamis are highest in-

        (A) Atlantic Ocean       (B) Pacific Ocean         (C) Indian Ocean       (D) Bay of Bengal

169. Maximum water logging in the farmland is observed in-

        (A) Italy        (B) France         (C) Pakistan        (D) Egypt

170. Silent Valley Movement took place in-

        (A) Rajasthan       (B) Uttarakhand         (C) Kerala        (D) Madhya Pradesh

171. The following compound is not a persistent organic pollutant-

        (A) DDT        (B) Dioxins        (C) Endosulfan        (D) Methane

172. The following country is curbon negative in nature-

        (A) Nepal        (B) India         (C) Bhutan        (D) China

173. Nepal's new Constitution against which Madhesi's are agitating was announced in :

        (A) 2012      (B) 2013        (C) 2014        (D) 2015

174. Sargasso Sea is the other name of-

        (A) North Atlantic      (B) South Atlantic        (C) North Pacific       (D) South Pacific

175. Which of the following is / are wrongly matched ?

        (A) Badruddin Ajmal — All India United Democratic Front

        (B) Prafulla K. Mahanta — Assam Gana Parishad

        (C) Ajit Singh — Bharatiya Janata Party

        (D) Uddhav Thackeray — Shiv Sena

176. The first ecocity of the world was built in -

        (A) USA        (B) France        (C) Brazil        (D) UK

177. Basel convention is dated back to -

        (A) 1978         (B) 1982        (C) 1985        (D) 1989

178. Energy Conservation Act was introduced in India since -

        (A) 2000        (B) 2001       (C) 2003        (D) 2005

179. Anti dumping of liquid waste was taken up in -

        (A) London        (B) Basel        (C) Geneva        (D) Bern

180. Who has been appointed as the Chairman of the 31st Law Commission in India in 2016 ?

        (A) Vivel Kumar        (B) Balbir Singh Chauhan       (C) Ramesh Negi       (D) Dr. Srivastava

181. The 2015 Nobel Prize for Literature was won by -

        (A) Alice Munro       (B) Patrick Modiano        (C) Svetlana Alexievich        (D) Doris Lessing

182. The extinction of Dinosaurs occurred approximately-

        (A) 25 million years ago      (B) 45 mya        (C) 65 mya        (D) 80 mya

183. The conversion of mercury to methyl mercury is brought about by-

        (A) cyanobacteria        (B) Eubacteria          (C) fungi        (D) algae

184. Where has uber opened its first engineering hub in Asia ?

        (A) New Delhi        (B) Bengaluru        (C) Kolkata        (D) Pune

185. Israel was elected as chair of following permanent committee of the U. N.-

        (A) Economic and Financial Committee

        (B) Legal Committee

        (C) Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee

        (D) Administrative and Budgetary Committee

186. Which organization has released the Report titled 'Migration and Remittances Factbook 2016' ?

        (A) IMF       (B) World Bank         (C) OECD         (D) ADB

187. Water blooms are mostly caused by-

        (A) cyanobacteria         (B) diatoms        (C) dinoflagellatas        (D) green algae

188. The largest oil spill so far was recorded from-

        (A) Alaska         (B) Gulf of Mexico        (C) Persian Gulf        (D) Arabian Sea

189. SEBI stands for which of the following ?

        (A) Science and Engineering Board of India

        (B) Securities and Exchange Board of India

        (C) Social Equity Bureau of India

        (D) Science and Educational Board of India

190. A severe cyclone in Richter scale has a value of-

        (A) 4 - 4.9       (B) 5 - 5.9        (C) 6 - 6.9        (D) 7 - 7.9

191. Which one of the following is a natural disaster ?

        (A) Bhopal Gas tragedy      (B) Chernobyl accident      (C) Exxon Valdez oil spill       (D) Uttarakhand forest fire

192. Who is the president of FIFA ?

        (A) Hong Martin        (B) Edwards Mike       (C) Sepp Blatter        (D) Gianni Infantino

193. Sikim became an Indian state in :

        (A) 1973         (B) 1975         (C) 1979         (D) 1981

194. In which state among the below mentioned states was the Rotavirus vaccination project first launched ?

        (A) Madhya Pradesh       (B) Himachal Pradesh       (C) Bihar        (D) Jharkhand

195. Amnesty International Human Rights Award 2016 has been won by-

        (A) Jawahar Mishra        (B) Kalyan Singh         (C) Henri Tiphagne        (D) Martin Macwan

196. The United Nations published the World Water Development Report in -

        (A) 2005        (B) 2007        (C) 2009         (D) 2011

197. The species which are extremely sensitive to the environment are also called -

        (A) keystone species        (B) sentinel species        (C) endangered species       (D) vulnerable species

198. The country with stable age pyramid is-

        (A) China         (B) Chile         (C) Mexico         (D) Germany

199. Which is not true about PANAMA expansion project ?

        (A) It is re-opened in June, 2016

        (B) It is third set of Lock's Project

        (C) The expansion trippled the Canal's Capacity

        (D) It connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean

200. The national animal of Bhutan is-

        (A) Nilgai         (B) Takin        (C) Cow        (D) Snow Leopard


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